US Regulators Boost Their Scrutiny of the Crypto Industry

  • CFTC and SEC are looking into various potential legal infractions.
  • US regulators are also looking closely at Celsius.

According to Bloomberg News on Monday, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  are investigating whether crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), which declared bankruptcy in July, misled investors. The US regulators want to know if the Singapore-based cryptocurrency hedge fund violated any of the rules and laws that hedge funds must follow. 

The founders of Three Arrows Capital, Kyle Davies, and Su Zhu, broke their silence about their alleged flight in a late-July interview with Bloomberg. Following a British Virgin Islands court order requiring them to file for bankruptcy and liquidate all of the assets owned by 3AC, the cryptocurrency investors claimed they had to vanish from the public eye because they had received several death threats.  

None of the Co-founders Have Cooperated

Both founders made it clear in the interview that, despite being in unidentified places, they had been in contact with the appropriate authorities from day one. However, none of the co-founders have reportedly cooperated, according to the liquidation lawyers.  Another Bloomberg report claims that Teneo, the company in charge of liquidating 3AC’s assets, had to ask a U.S. judge for permission to notify the founders via Twitter and their emails after being unable to reach them through the usual channels of contact.

Following the collapse of the Terra ecosystem, Celsius Network declared bankruptcy. Regulators are still looking into the true causes of its bankruptcy months after it declared bankruptcy, though. It appears that the CFTC is looking into several potential instances of market manipulation and the lack of transparency regarding the use of its clients’ money. The Celsius representatives are working with the authorities, unlike 3AC.

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