use cryptocurrency as the new gold standard : Congressman Madison

use cryptocurrency as the new gold standard : Congressman Madison 2

Congressman Madison Cawthorn took to twitter to support the crypto use as a gold like asset.

This year the crypto market got a better response from the world. In the pandemic situation, many people Exodus towards the crypto industry to understand and generate some decent income. Many billionaire investors and politicians openly supported the Bitcoin and crypto industry. 

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In the latest, Congressman Madison Cawthorn, the North Carolina Republican, took to Twitter and wrote Why do we not use cryptocurrency as the new gold standard? 

With this tweet, Madison Cawthorn joined Josh Mandel, who talked about the adoption of crypto openly. Right now Josh Mandel has better influence in Ohio as a highly supported candidate seeking for the senate seat. Read the full article here.

Recently, Crypto adoption has increased much but Increasing pressure on the regulators also, which are worried about the custody & security of the investment of Investors. 

Ted Cruz, senator of Texas, accused democrats of destroying the crypto community without knowing much about it. 

It seems that soon in future, political parties will get disturbed in terms of crypto and non-crypto supporters. Because in these days mostly politicians are sharing their stances on the crypto industry either in negative or positive, in most of the cases positive responses have so far been seen. 

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