Using LastPass to Store Passwords? You Must Act Quickly

One of the most popular password management tools – LastPass – has recently been compromised, and cryptocurrency users may have been affected.

With that in mind, it’s important to take reasonable action.

  • First off, reports of LastPass being compromised started appearing yesterday. Some claim that customer details were leaked in data breaches, and these include contact details, company and customer names, as well as IP addresses.
  • The breaches themselves took place back in August and November and were acknowledged by the company, which said that a malicious actor was able to steal the source code and technical information from their development environment.
  • With that in mind, Udi Wertheimer took it to Twitter to suggest a few steps users can take to prevent their crypto from being stolen, assuming someone used LastPass to secure crypto-related apps and wallets.
  • He argued that changing the master password now won’t help because “they already have a copy that is unlockable” with the old password.
  • Therefore, Wertheimer suggested that users stop using the app altogether and immediately move their assets to new wallets.
  • In addition, he also advised changing passwords to email accounts, crypto exchanges, and virtually all applications, including account passwords for Google or iCloud.

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