Valkyrie Investment ceo says Bitcoin is good store of value 4

The CEO of Valkyrie Investment firm shared his stance on bitcoin and claimed that Bitcoin is a good store of value.

In the present time, the crypto market is showing full bullish indication and also it is showing a big impact over the Bitcoin and crypto lovers to talk about it in regarding the financial discussion. In the latest, Leah Wald talked about Bitcoin. 

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Leah Wald, CEO of Valkyrie Investments, shared her stance on Bitcoin in an interview with Bloomberg Quicktake on Monday.

Through the statements, Leah claimed that Bitcoin is not digital gold for foolish people. Thinking of Leah on Bitcoin is opposite of the CEO of the JPMorgan firm. 

Leah said that if the price of Bitcoin will hold $50,000 for some more time then surely a bull run for Bitcoin will take place and that will show its rise in price by the Q4 of 2021. 

The statement of Leah was also great because, on Tuesday Bitcoin followed a $50,000 price and hitted $55,000. 

Leah further showed her disagreement with the statement of Dimon, who claimed that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value in actuality and also  it is “a little bit of fool’s gold.”

Leah stated that she don’t think that Bitcoin is fool’s gold and she claimed that Bitcoin did a great job

“I obviously don’t think that it is fool’s gold,” Wald asserted. “I think it is a wonderful digital gold and has done a brilliant job of nailing that store of value narrative.”

Leah also added that we are still in the collectible state and claimed that Bitcoin made its own network in the world to stay strong, so she believes that Bitcoin is a good store of value.

“I think we are still in a collectibles phase,” she added. “But little by little it is establishing itself as one of the strongest monetary networks and absolutely a digital store of value.”

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