Verifone allows crypto payments through BitPay integration

Verifone allows crypto payments through BitPay integration
Verifone allows crypto payments through BitPay integration 2

Verifone established a partnership with Bitpay to allow merchants to accept payment in crypto assets.

Recent survey reports clearly show how people are interested in going with crypto payments. Survey also shows that those people, who don’t know about crypto, may consider crypto services & products soon in future. So with the increase in the adoption rate of crypto among people, businesses needed to remain ready to adopt crypto. In the latest, Verifone announced to accept payment in crypto soon. 

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Verifone is a large point-of-sale provider in the US. Verifone announced that they integrated the blockchain technology of BitPay to allow the merchants to accept payment in crypto assets. 

The CEO of Verifone, Mike Pulli, did a conversation with Cointelegraph and claimed that they will enable the whole networks of Verifone with merchants to accept crypto payments. All the services whether they are e-commerce online or offline stores, will be able to accept digital assets payments by the end of 2021.

Mike also added that, this initiative of Verifone is a part of increasing demand of crypto assets globally and further he added 

“We feel that having crypto available on our terminals will open up more options and opportunities for consumers, which is what Verifone aims to do. This opens up a currency that has never before been seen on a terminal and we want to be at the forefront of this trend.”

The CEO of BitPay, Stephen Pair, said that it is going to be a big partnership with verifone because this partnership is a demand of Verifone customers to allow them to use crypto payments. And further he added 

“This has become the case as there are millions of crypto users today that have blockchain wallets on their phones that they want to leverage.”

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