Void Introduces World’s First Holistic NFT Game

Void Introduces World’s First Holistic NFT Game
Void Introduces World’s First Holistic NFT Game

As the world transitions toward a blockchain and cryptocurrency-powered future of gaming, the blockchain gaming project VOID has announced the launch of its holistic Play-to-Earn (P2E) game ecosystem with a phenomenal storyline.

VOID is a multiplayer fighting game that ensures a great gaming experience for its players and offers a broad scope for game character personalization and the opportunity to own interesting in-game assets. The game allows for solo fights while also offering gamers the ability to create their own alliance for fights on open-field battlegrounds. With all its features combined, VOID offers a genuinely immersive experience to all participants: fighters, hosts, and spectators. 

Its P2E nature allows gamers to own the incredible worlds and arenas of the VOID ecosystem, and that too as NFTs that can be traded on secondary marketplaces for real money. Besides, the game offers players real incentives to spend time gaming and to level up in the game, which helps them monetize the time they spend gaming. Moreover, VOID runs atop the Solana blockchain, facilitating feeless yet rapid transactions and a much smoother experience.

In the VOID ecosystem, each item, including weapons, armors, arenas, and treasures, are individual NFTs that gamers can acquire in a number of ways: 

  • Fight-to-Earn: In the epic battlegrounds, players can beat their opponents to collect some new weapons. 
  • Quest-to-Earn: Players of VOID can go on mystic quests and solve tricky riddles. While doing so, the game offers an opportunity to collect considerable rewards in the form of rare and valuable collectibles. 
  • Stake-to-Earn: Users can stake VoidCoin, the game’s native currency, and in the process, earn passive income through rewards. 
  • Build-to-Earn: Players can utilize their creativity and build their weapons, armor, and other digital assets. Later these unique items can be sold in the form of crypto-collectibles. 
  • Collect-and-Earn: The ‘open-world game’ allows the players to roam around and explore the epic world. While wandering, they can discover legendary collectibles that will help them in fights and stay alive. 
  • Host-to-Earn: Void allows its users to create their personal arena and host battles. By doing this, the host can charge other players to enter their stage. 

Apart from the game ecosystem, Void Games also has strong partnerships with leading blockchain firms to help it foster the NFT gaming experience. The coalition with CyberFi and Anti Fund, for instance, will help the gaming platform enhance user experience significantly. On the same note, the developer team of VOID is highly enthusiastic about focusing on every minor aspect so they can make the game as flawless as possible. 

Recently, Void Games also announced a strategic partnership with Only1, the first NFT-powered social media platform. Per the NFT gaming hub, the partnership would bolster its team to learn from renowned market players’ experiences. 

Finally, it is worth reiterating that Void Games envisions building an ecosystem that is loved by players across geographies and cultures. And for this reason, the strategic collaboration with market-massive Only1 will strengthen VOID’s developer team and enrich its overall value proposition. In its turn, Only1 will assist in the game’s marketing and upcoming funding rounds.

About Void Games

Void Games comprises a team of game developers, software engineers, and product designers responsible for creating the VOID ecosystem. Coming together in this collaborative enterprise, they bring with themselves years of hands-on experience, both as creators and gamers.

Tapping into its vast knowledge pool, Void Games is devoted to actualizing a revolution in gaming. Ensuring a broad scope for customization is key to their mission, as it fosters greater community participation. Furthermore, true to the fundamentals of DeFi, the company strives to provide a multi-dimensional and self-sufficient game economy with fair and equitable distribution of value. VOID is a step towards fulfilling this mission, the beginning of a long journey. 

Website: https://www.void.games/ 

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/rzfe6k39aU

Telegram: https://t.me/voidcommunitychat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/void_dot_games

Medium: https://void-dot-games.medium.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9oSuJgfzi85oOfWqTpHjgQ