Waggle Network Curates Crypto Investment Opportunities for Regular Retail Investors

Recent fundraisers by NFT startups Dapper Labs and Sorare saw venture funding in crypto startups surpass $19 billion so far this year, almost triple last year’s figure ($6.4 billion) – with Q4 still to come.

Despite these record-breaking numbers, many would-be investors still find themselves on the outside looking in, with the same dozen or so blockchain-focused wealth funds invariably bootstrapping every promising early-stage venture that comes along. Last year, just 22% of investments in the crypto space had no VC involvement at all – and that percentage is only getting lower.

More often than not, these heavyweight hedge funds are simply better connected than ordinary retail investors and with much deeper pockets. Although initial decentralized exchange offerings (IDOs) represent a golden opportunity for little guys to invest in a project they believe in, even they’re becoming painfully oversubscribed.

Helping Regular Investors Take Part in Crypto’s Gold Rush

Into this milieu comes Waggle Network, a project committed to promoting the participation of more retail investors in the cryptoconomy. As far as Waggle is concerned, the prospect of outsized returns should not be limited to a core group of privileged private equity firms, but rather democratized to all retail investors keen to bankroll their favorite projects.

Ironically, the multi-chain marketplace protocol was launched by a team of VC veterans from launchpads on Solana, BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum. Even entrenched hedge fund executives seem to recognize the need to improve accessibility for private investors, whose opportunities have been trammeled by the unstoppable stampede of institutional money rushing into the market. Speaking of which, Waggle itself completed a $3 million funding round to advance its inclusive vision earlier this year.

Although Waggle Network serves those who wish to diversify their portfolios by supporting projects they deem innovative, the platform has also been built with liquidity-hungry startups in mind; the sort seeking to raise additional capital following a Token Generation Event (TGE), for example.

Through its founders’ extensive professional networks, the platform enables users to get involved in exclusive deals to buy tokens that are subjected to vesting schedules at a discount to their stated market price. Investment opportunities are carefully curated, with projects screened by a dedicated committee and KYC’d to weed out scams. Waggle’s due diligence procedures take account of everything from a project’s team to its social media engagement, partnerships and token utility, and are in place to protect both the investor and Waggle’s reputation.

No Ordinary Crypto Marketplace

At the center of Waggle Network is a noncustodial marketplace, where users can access locked tokens on a first-come, first-served basis. These assets can, in turn, be traded on the same market with a single dashboard tracking pertinent metrics such as vesting periods and buy price. What’s more, investors can stake the platform’s native $WAG token to earn a percentage of all fees. Interestingly, stakers also earn the right to unlock additional investment opportunities curated by Waggle’s Listing Committee.

With 7 out of 10 accredited investors expected to buy or invest in digital assets in the near future, life isn’t getting any easier for the common man. Ironically, though, the collective appetite for investing continues to intensify even as opportunities lay thin on the ground. Waggle Network is intent on leveling the playing field, and in the process funneling much-needed liquidity into the hands of worthy blockchain projects hamstrung by tricky vesting schedules.

Already implemented on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Solana, Waggle is expected to integrate with Polygon early next year. When it does, expect retail investors to breathe a sigh of relief.