Washington authorities ordered BrightRidge to stop Bitcoin mining

Washington authorities ordered BrightRidge to stop Bitcoin mining 2

BrightRidge is ordered to stop Bitcoin mining operations because of noise in violation of property codes. 

BrightRidge is a firm, which is running Bitcoin mining rigs, which consumes electricity equal to the 10,000 homes electricity normal consumption. The whole firm is made on 22-acre land under full rules & regulation of Washington. But this firm is under problem because of Washington County order.

According to Washington County, BrightRudge is in noisy violation of property codes. The main reason for the noise produced is the Bitcoin mining operations of BrightRidge. 

According to BrightRidge, they got a notice to shut down the operations of Bitcoin mining after the Washington County meeting on Monday. 

Here the main allegation on BrightRidge is to trick the authorities, because when BrightRidge took permission to install their firm on 22 acre land & then they claimed that they will set up a blockchain data centre but in actual they installed Bitcoin mining rigs, which is causing huge noise. 

Now under the notice, BrightRidge is ordered to shut down their operations within the next 30 days. While BrightRidge said that they will further do a meeting with Washington County regarding this. Because before the notice, they were already working to fix the noise of mining operations.

Kent Harris, Commissioner of Washington County, stated that BrightRidge seems not being straightforward with its intentions and stated 

 “All the commission has said all along that we were misled from the beginning. This was a situation that was sort of pulled over our eyes. We thought it was going to be a solar farm or something for BrightRidge”

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