Will the USA Become the Capital for BTC and Crypto Soon?

Will the USA Become the Capital for BTC and Crypto Soon?
Will the USA Become the Capital for BTC and Crypto Soon?

  • Number of users of BTC and crypto in the USA are raging up.
  • The White House terms more than 40 million users. 
  • The USA is expected to soon become the capital for BTC and crypto.

There’s no doubt that the crypto and Bitcoin (BTC) adoption around the world is as high as ever currently. True to the fact, over the past one year the adoption of crypto and BTC has increased up to more than 800%. Apart from all this BTC and other crypto have truly established and showcased to the whole world what their potential are. Even though still now, the crypto and BTC industry are deliberately acknowledged to be volatile, still the value keeps on. 

Amidst all this, the global adoption of crypto and BTC are on the rise, surging up drastically, which indeed included under-developed and developing countries too. Asia completely including the South and South-East Asia, alone accounts to the majority of the BTC and crypto holdings.  

Taking the past few weeks into account, both the crypto as well as the BTC market has been on the swings up and down, amidst the ongoing Russia’s war on Ukraine. Currently, BTC is being traded for the price of $42K approximately, at the graph spiking up, with 8%, taking into account the past 24 hours. 

With all this, the overall crypto and BTC adoption in the USA is profusely on the rise, even despite the ongoing war tensions. In spite of this, the overall BTC and crypto users in the USA has surpassed 40 million according to the statement from ‘The White House’ recently.

USA Capital for Crypto and BTC

As per the latest announcement as a statement the White House termed that about 40 million people have either traded or used BTC and crypto. In spite of this, statistics show that about 43% of male population with ages ranging between 18 to 29 have used BTC and other crypto, indulged in trading or even currently holding them. 

On the other hand, about 18% of the female population have indulged in BTc and crypto. On the whole it’s depicted that currently about roughly 86% of the complete population of the USA have heard and have some relatable knowledge on BTC and crypto. Evidently, next to BTC, Ethereum (ETH) is staked as the highest among the Americans. 

Besides, Carla Sands, who is running for the U.S Senate candidate for Pennsylvania, even tweeted that the USA should become the capital for BTC and crypto.  

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