What timeline are we living in? Well, we ain’t so sure anymore. The latest iteration of the widely popular Windows operating system – Windows 11 was launched recently on Oct 05. Whilst it boosts many powerful and effective features – chief amongst them being improvements to the user interface, security, multi tasking, accessibility, input and display improvements. It was also displayed on Dubai’s premier tourist attraction – the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa itself. But that’s not the most interesting part – that would be the bundled NFTs!

Windows 11 launch event came bearing gifts and participants (well you can still participate!) came with NFTs included, but these NFTs aren’t exactly on blockchains that you know of. They were launched on a relatively unknown Eluv.io blockchain. Surprised? We are too! This is the first time that most of us must have heard of it. But it’s there and all the bundled NFTs rest on that little known chain!

Microsoft Windows 11 Launch Event
Microsoft Windows 11 Launch Event

According to Eluvio, it’s “The world’s first blockchain-backed 4K premium streaming and ticketing platform“. It appears to be a Proof of Authority (POA) based blockchain, much like the Binance Smart Chain, which offers Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility and therefore support for ERC 751 / ERC 1155 NFT standards. It’s designed for interoperability and it’s possible to transfer the NFTs back to other blockchains from the native “Content Fabric”.

Maybe, it’s not exactly the thing that we were all hoping for. But it’s a very important and significant development. It means that NFTs are fast becoming integral to the digital world and every other launch is now expected to come with them. We were able to locate around 8 NFTs that are bundled with Windows 11 launch and you might want to zoom in to see what they are about!

Windows 11 NFTs are actually discount / reward coupons from major OEMS and resellers such as Dell, Microsoft itself, AntOnline, Micro Center, Staples, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Walmart and Target. They can be redeemed in favor of the rewards and benefits on Eluvio. It’s not very clear if they can be moved back to any other blockchain in their current form, but all of them seem to have a 10,000 cap per NFT. There’s a possibility that you might be able to trade them on OpenSea in the future. So hurry up and grab one!

windows 11 nfts
windows 11 nfts© Cryptoticker

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