A third Bitcoin Futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) has entered the US market.

The VanEck Bitcoin Target ETF (XBTF) launched on Tuesday, about a month after ProShare’s Bitcoin ETF (BITO) became the first to debut in the US.

BITO’s launch saw record-setting demand by amassing $1.1 billion in just two days, the fastest an ETF has ever done so. However, since then, the pace of its growth has cooled off as its assets remained between $1.3 billion and $1.4 billion in the past several weeks.

Three days after BITO’s launch, Valkyrie’s Bitcoin Futures ETF (BTF) also made its debut and has accumulated just $60 million.

Now, VanEck’s Bitcoin Fund has been launched at a time when the market is experiencing some volatility, with Bitcoin down 12.3% from its all-time high of $69,000 a week back. On Tuesday, Bitcoin’s price fell as low as $58,570 but is currently above $60k.

Since mid-October, Bitcoin has slipped 5.7% while the BITO shares slumped even more by 7.7% because the fund must continually roll forward its future exposure as the contracts aspire and pays a fee to do so.

On its first day, XBTF saw 38,398 shares trading, ending the day at $59.73 per share, a bit below its opening price of $60 per share.

According to VanEck, the ETF has $9.6 million assets under management. While “normally that would be pretty good,” its launch is shadowed by the massive demand seen by BITO at $1 billion on its opening day and even BTF, which did $78 million, said Eric Balchunas, a senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg.

However, the new VanEck ETF carries a lower fee at 0.65% than the other two funds, both of which have a 0.95% fee, which can help its demand.

“It has its work cut out for it. Low fee will help but not in near term. I do see it being successful, but it will take some time,” Balchunas said.

Last week, the SEC rejected VanEck’s attempt to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF, which is seen as superior to Futures ETF as it will directly invest in the cryptocurrency.

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