XDEFI Wallet Launched Its Most Awaited Wallet to the Public

A cross-chain wallet extension XDEFI Wallet has launched its most awaited wallet to the public. At present, the wallet is available on the Chrome Store. XDEFI has been developed with decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) power users in mind with many innovative unique features such as Ape Mode, it will redefine the experience of speed in a crypto wallet. XDEFI Wallet is backed by many DeFi-centric funds and venture investors. 

Users of XDEFI can use Ape Mode a revolutionary approach that will make sure that transactions operate in the next block, across Terra, THORchain, Ethereum, and EVM blockchains and Bitcoin.

Accordingly, the Ape Mode of XDEFI Wallet uses a proprietary gas algorithm to make sure that transactions get into the next block, without wasted gas. Therefore users can utilize Ape Mode to get a fast and speed edge for their most important transaction even the network is more congested.

Moreover, the CEO and co-founder of XDEFI Émile Dubié stated,

“Ape Mode will be an indispensable edge for XDEFI Wallet users with XDEFI, users should never again miss an opportunity due to a slow transaction“.

Henceforth, XDEFI wallets also show NFTs from all chains in a single Instagram-style gallery. XDEFI Wallet is designed for the multichain era, enabling users to move flawlessly over protocols and automatically add new chains. It supports Ethereum and most other EVM networks are built-in and soon XDEFI Wallet will start support for Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Solana.

Even more, XDEFI Wallet is developed for NFTs, because NFTs became a larger part of the crypto landscape. Both automatic deduction of NFTs and a customizable drag-and-drop NFT display grid are offered by the XDEFI Wallet. It also added a new Buy Crypto option, enabling users to bring their fiat into DeFi through a third-party Ramp.  

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