XRP analysis 2020

The developers of XRPL Labs demonstrated transaction of XRP token in offline mode and claimed that it will increase the adoption of the XRP in offline retail payment system. 

Blockchain adoption is increasing day by day. But as we know, there are many limitations with huge benefits, so adoption is not possible just unlike fiat money adoption in normal. Crypto assets always work in the online mode and there is no presence of crypto assets in the offline medium. So a prototype is almost ready by the developers to make the use of XRP token transactions in offline mode.

Developers of the XRPL Labs used the proof of payment protocol technology of Ripple blockchain. And they integrated it into a mobile device.

During a Summit in Tallin of Apex Developer, XRPL developers showed their success to facilitate the transactions in offline mode. 

The whole system is based upon the integration of the proof-of-payment protocol of XRP and this has integration with the QR code system, which will be generated on the screen or paper to facilitate the transactions at particular addresses. 

The whole integrated system is not limited to mobile or computer users. It can be implemented in vending machines and public transport.

The whole transaction will take place in the decentralized mode and we can trust the transaction just like the normal internet based translation. So hopefully it will help the usage of XRPL based software for the retail users, who are not able to remain online always.

It is worth to note that, before this Samsung Galaxy announced funding support in Korea to implement an offline transactions blockchain technology cbdc software to facilitate transactions without the need of the internet.

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