You Can Now Play Dice Using Solana at CryptoGames

For many years now, CryptoGames has been every experienced gambler’s go-to online casino. It has earned unconditional support from the global gambling community through maintaining class and efficiency in customer service. This is why they have become yet again the first online crypto casino to enable gambling with Solana for the users. With a revamped list of amazing casino games, they have upped their standard in the race of global online casinos. One of the crowd’s all-time favorites from CryptoGames is the game of DICE. This game is hands down the easiest game to start any gambling experience. And for online gambling, this one will always top the list as the most beginner-friendly crypto-oriented casino game. 

A little Background Story about Dice:

The dice are said to be one of the most ancient instruments made for gaming activities. It is also said to be used to predict fortunes, perform various rituals, and even determine someone’s innocence. One of the most seen or found forms of dice is its six-sided cubical form. Each side of the cube contains numbers that form different and random outcomes. A physical game of dice is played by throwing / casting/ rolling/ flipping.  Because of its unpredictable outcome probabilities, Dice has made its way into modern gambling with evolving design and complexity. The physical casinos are joining the modern online platforms to expand their reach. They are adapting more to the modernized casino games that are built to produce random results generated through computers. Although some believe Dice almost phased out under the shadow of modern slot machines or card games, some online casinos, especially the crypto-oriented ones,  are proving otherwise. By incorporating modern user interface and design mechanisms, many crypto casinos are bringing back the ever-glorious Dice game into the light. 

Lucky for us, CryptoGames is one of those dedicated online crypto casinos that has set out to bring back the retro thrill of casinos into the modern world. This is also why their inclusion of Dice has earned the favor of many veteran gamblers around the world. 

CryptoGames’ Dice:

Here at the casino, all players get to play the ultimate modern design of Dice. Here, instead of rolling a six-sided cube, they roll their dice by selecting the conditions.

Meaning, the players guess their outcomes before they “roll” their dice. In the crypto-oriented dice, there is no scope of using probability to predict the final result of the “Roll”.  From a single “Roll” of dice at the casino, players stand a chance of achieving a result between an unbelievable range of 0.001 and 99.999 to 100,000 possibilities! Dice can be played with a house edge- 1.0 %. 

How to Get Your Dice Rolling:


If it is any players’ first time at the casino, then they must complete the registration process to enjoy the basic features at the casino. The process requires the completion of two steps. The first one is, creating an out-of-the-ordinary username for the account. The username provided initially isn’t permanent so, there is nothing to worry about. The second step is to agree to all the casinos’ terms and policies. This will set up the account in a jiffy. However, completing further requirements will open the deposit and withdrawal system. So, to get started right after the sign-up process, players are suggested to clear all the remaining requirements.

Step by Step Guidelines:

At the beginning of every game of dice, all players are given the freedom to manually adjust their payout. They can also select their bet size and set how much they would like to put at stake. Then as soon as they set them up, they will be allowed to immediately check their win chance as well as the result required for them to win the bet. However, for your better understanding, we have created a step-by-step guideline for you below. Hopefully, this will be able to help you get a clearer understanding of the game and how to master it. 

  1. As soon as the players enter the game’s official page, they will be able to see an ultra-modern outlook on the game. Which is not too flashy or complicated. The whole section is divided into functional corners. Starting at the top, players will be able to set the amount they wish to put at stake in a single bet. The tab will then guide them to enter their “Bet Size” in the dedicated field.
  2. After that, players will select their payout multiplier. Although it may seem overwhelming to choose a good number for the multiplier, players must take it easy. Since the chance of winning the ongoing bet depends on their payout multiplier, it is wise to gradually increase the amount after many practices. 
  3. After selecting a good number as the payout multiplier, players will see two numbers including two conditions. This is where the players predict their upcoming results and place the bet. The two conditions are: “Roll Over – Number” and “Roll Under- Number”. After choosing one of the two conditions, players are all set to “Roll” their dice. One final look at the winning chances and payout multiplier might help to make the best decision! 
  4. When a player finally “rolls” the dice, a number is rolled under the condition they have chosen. From then, it is luck against all odds. In case the number falls under the selected condition, then it is a win otherwise, better luck next time. 
  5. Guidelines for winning the Progressive Jackpot!

Although winning a Jackpot might depend on a whole lot of luck, we have still listed a few rules that you can look out for to win one! 

  • Look out for a roll of 7.777 or 77.777 since it is known as a winning roll
  • Check if you can find the winning number aka the Jackpot number 77 when you click on your betID. The number is a result of the combination and encryption of the last two digits of your Server seed and your client seed in SHA512
  • Make sure the amount you chose to Bet and the Profit you gained perfectly match the least amount required on the website.
  • If you can fulfill all of the conditions and win more than the casino’s required amount, then the entire amount for winning Jackpot will be yours. But if your final win amount is less than the required amount then you will still take home a proportional share of the Jackpot.

Auto Bet and Keyboard Shortcuts:

To save time and run multiple bets in one go, CryptoGames has been offering the Auto Bet feature for all the players. The auto bet feature has been designed to set up multiple bets under multiple conditions. Using the feature, players are given the freedom to customize the limit to their bet size, payout, and even how their bets will be placed on any sort of balance change. Along with the Auto Bet feature, CryptoGames has created the following keyboard shortcuts to make the game plan easier. You can find the hotkeys at how to play tab.

Tips to Consider:

To help beginner-level gamblers, there are many gambling strategies like the Martingale, Reverse Martingale (Paroli), Staking Plan out on the internet. Although they are all effective in their ways, some players tend to rely on a progressive betting system. It is one of the most effective options for the players since they can bag some easy wins. However, a player must accept that there are no flawless strategies. There is no guarantee that they will help you to win bigger each time. This is why it is advised that players must never bet more than they are willing to lose. Therefore, understand the game well before you consider putting your valuable funds at stake. 

Cryptocurrencies to Use:

As of now, along with their latest addition of cryptocurrency, Solana, CryptoGames is offering its players 9 other cryptocurrencies to play Dice. They are  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, NeoGas, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash. Along with these 10, new players can check out the game using their PlayMoney funds and rewards from the faucets. This way they can get accustomed to the ins and outs of the game. And as far as veteran players are concerned, they can always test out new strategies using the faucet rewards. As we have mentioned above, CryptoGames comes with a house edge of only 1.0%. And for VIP membership holders. the house edge is reduced down to 0.8%. Because of its awesome payout and jackpot sum, it is said that gamblers of CryptoGames, have placed over 6.8 billion bets on dice.

New Methods for Depositing Funds: 

Along with the arrival of Solana, CryptoGames has recently updated its deposit system for funds. The casino has brought about 2 brand new options for fund depositing. Players can now make deposits with credit cards or with the ChangeNow exchange method. CryptoGames has enabled the credit cards deposit system with a third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator named Onramper. Players at the casino have to verify themselves according to the policies of Onramper to start using it. Although Onramper has many cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies available for service, it is only offered for BTC and ETH at CryptoGames.  

On the other hand, ChangeNow is available for almost 40 different sorts of Cryptocurrencies. Meaning, all players are free to exchange from approximately 40 different cryptocurrencies to the 10 available ones in the casino. ChangeNow allows the users to instantly convert funds they send to one of the supported currencies the users choose. 

All the deposit amounts require one network confirmation (except Ether Classic which requires 150 confirmation) to get credited into the players’ accounts. 

Catch the crypto gambling fever with the classy game, Dice:

Among all the crypto casino games, for fervent gamblers, crypto dice will always remain an unmatched classic. With its simplicity and easily understandable architecture, the game has only grown in popularity. Dice is frequently played with the rising cryptocurrencies, in various versions. And we must say, each version of Dice comes with its unique take that is guaranteed to lure the players into serious gambling. However, amid the growing list of crypto-only casinos which offer Dice,  CryptoGames is the most prominent place for you to wager at. It has thoroughly designed a system that left no stone unturned to bring back the lost glamour of casino Dice. And being the first online crypto casino to support Solana for the games, CryptoGames has every modernized facility for you to relish. Therefore, make the best of the service and enhance your chances of winning big with the forever classic game, Dice. 

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