You Might Soon Be Able to Show Your NFTs As Twitter Avatars!

You Might Soon Be Able to Show Your NFTs As Twitter Avatars!

The NFTs are soon going to be integrated with your Twitter accounts to allow their usage as verified profile pictures. According to the recent announcements, Twitter is planning to up its metaverse game by introducing the Twitter Avatars. This would allow users to put on their online graphical representations by verifying ownership of a particular NFT, which then logically wouldn’t be accessible by anyone else. Mada Aflak, the software engineer and Android technology lead of Twitter has announced on Sep 29.

Twitter is notoriously popular amongst crypto and NFT users, it serves as their primary base and center of discussion. If implemented, the Twitter Avatars won’t be the first time that the platform is taking an initiative in the NFT space. For instance, the platform released the “The 140 Collection” on June 30 – an open reference to the character limit for the micro-blog posts on the platform that the users can create.

Back then, Twitter introduced six NFTs for now including the Furry Twitter, Vitamin T, Building Characters, First Born, Rare Form, Reply Guy, and twttr jggl – each one limited to 20 pieces. Being released through giveaways, it made a lot of people very happy and wealthy as pieces were sold for as high as 68 ETH (worth $190K). Will they be used as some of the first iconic Twitter Avatars? Time will tell.

Despite his open hostility towards anything, which isn’t Bitcoin. It appears that the Twitters CEO Jack Dorsey can’t seem to avoid using Ethereum based services as he earlier also promoted the “Valuables BY CENT” service for turning tweets into authentic NFTs on Mar 06. The service allows the users to monetize their tweets on Ethereum’s MATIC side-chain.

His own advertised tweet sold for around $2.9 million and the money was donated to charity. Ethereum network has gotten far too stronger for even maximalists like Jack to ignore and Twitter Avatars once released will be another proof of that. It’s likely that Jack might do another charity drive sporting the first Twitter Avatars, this time also.

Twitter Avatars are interesting because they would further help with mainstream adoption and usage of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by allowing average users to see their utility as authentic digital representations of themselves. To gain perspective on how early this space is, imagine that there are 4662M+ Internet users in the world, out of which only 189M+ use the Twitter platform. However, the largest NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain OpenSea, which did a record $1B+ volume recently has only 0.3M+ users! This is about to change.

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