Aethir and Meta48 Revolutionize XR Streaming with Lag-Free Solutions

Aethir and Meta48 Revolutionize XR Streaming with Lag-Free Solutions

Singapore, Singapore, April 5th, 2024, Chainwire

Aethir, a pioneer in decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure announced a strategic partnership with Meta48, a leader in immersive metaverse environments. This collaboration aims to revolutionize extended reality (XR) by providing users with smooth, lag-free experiences worldwide.

“The collaboration between Aethir and Meta48 is a testament to both companies’ commitment to advancing the XR sector. It builds on Aethir’s recent partnership with Well-Link Tech, focusing on joint R&D efforts to enhance GPU rendering services for the metaverse and MR applications,” said Mark Rydon, Co-Founder and CEO at Aethir. 

Aethir’s mission to provide enterprise-grade GPU cloud computing services aligns perfectly with Meta48’s vision of creating a dynamic and interactive virtual world. By leveraging Aethir’s cutting-edge DePIN GPU cloud infrastructure, Meta48 can now offer its users an unparalleled mixed reality experience, combining augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) elements.

The partnership comes on the heels of Meta48’s collaboration with Well-LinkTech, a leader in real-time cloud-rendering technology. Utilizing Well-Link Tech’s rendering capabilities, Meta48 has crafted a virtual communication platform that transcends physical boundaries, allowing users to interact in real-time through customizable avatars and engage in various social activities within a vibrant virtual world.

Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure plays a pivotal role in powering Meta48’s XR platform, per the team ensuring high-quality, uninterrupted GPU processing power. By distributing GPU cloud servers closer to end users, Aethir aims to effectively eliminate latency issues, and to provide a seamless and immersive XR experience regardless of geographical location.

As Aethir and Meta48 join forces, they set a new standard for decentralized cloud infrastructure, aiming to offer unparalleled distributed GPU cloud services for the AI and gaming industries. This strategic cooperation paves the way for a future where users can enjoy a lag-free mixed reality experience, revolutionizing the way we interact with digital worlds.

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About Aethir

Aethir is revolutionizing DePIN with its advanced, distributed enterprise-grade GPU-based compute infrastructure tailored for AI and gaming. Backed by leading Web3 investors like Framework Ventures, Merit Circle, Hashkey, Animoca Brands, Sanctor Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), and others, with over $32 M in funds raised for the ecosystem, Aethir is paving the way for the future of decentralized computing.

About Meta48

Meta Holdings transitioning to focus on Web 3.0 and the XR Internet, developing an open metaverse for users centered on idol development. This virtual hub will serve as a platform for real and virtual idols and idol groups, facilitating interaction across entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and consumption. Amidst rebranding, Meta48 aims to integrate its original business values with digital metaverse goals, maintaining its core values as it explores this new digital frontier. The company envisions becoming a globally innovative enterprise that combines technology appreciation with entertainment-based content creation and social interaction. The meta-universe will offer real value for users, providing a connective and interactive environment. With the adoption of Web 3.0 and XR Internet, Meta48 seeks to enhance fan engagement and consumer co-creation, blending real-world visuals with virtual experiences. Core assets will include virtual landscapes, theaters, and real estate, creating co-creative opportunities for idol cultivation within the community.


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