AI Protocol Nuklai Announces Launch of NAI Tokens

  • Nuklai is set to advance its AI revolution with the launch of its native token NAI.
  • Bootstrapped by Nexera, Nuklai is off to a good start with listing.

Nuklai, a Layer 1 blockchain designed to transform Artificial Intelligence (AI) through advanced data infrastructure and services has announced that its native token NAI is now available for trading. 

Nuklai’s NAI Token Generation Event (TGE) signals the move from successful private sales and IDOs to public trading, with the inaugural listing on kicking off the launch. 

Subsequently, NAI was listed on Uniswap with trading pairs USDT/NAI.

Taking to the X platform, the Nexera Foundation stated, “Congratulations to Nuklai on the successful launch of NAI.”

Nexera Foundation Celebrates With Nuklai Over NAI Launch

To celebrate this key milestone, the Nexera Foundation said the rALBT burn event will distribute 200 million NAI tokens, currently valued at $9.5 Million, to NXRA stakers. Users are advised to Stake NXRA on Fundrs for exclusive opportunities to participate in Fundrs launches and the upcoming rALBT burn event for NAI. As Crypto News Flash has earlier detailed, Fundrs is Nexera’s platform for project financing.

The Foundation highlights that the longer users stake, the more rALBT they accumulate, allowing them to participate in events that shape the future of the Nexera Ecosystem.

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Nuklai’s data marketplace, which is integrated into the Nexera ecosystem, is based on its own blockchain and connects individuals and businesses. It enables individuals, from data hobbyists to huge corporations, to share, access, and analyze data in search of fresh insights and commercial prospects. 

This platform also promises to simplify data exchange and enable next-generation AI by providing a user-friendly mechanism for ethical data use and unleashing the value of real-world assets via data tokenization. Just like fuel is important to a fast car, Nuklai powers AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) with rich data and decentralized computational performance.

Nexera’s Commitment to Blockchain Development 

Nexera’s commitment to pioneering blockchain solutions is evident through its strategic partnerships, technological advancements, and ecosystem growth. AllianceBlock, an infrastructure provider for decentralized tokenized markets introduced the Nexera Exchange as a novel take on a decentralized exchange with an array of groundbreaking features, which aims to create a secure, and user-centric trading platform. 

In September, Nexera added an innovative on-chain limit order book on the exchange. Citing earlier statements from Crypto News Flash, the Nexera Exchange acts as an intermediary layer and enhances the interaction with the Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). It is integrated by providing a more efficient and user-friendly interface while also incorporating sophisticated functionalities that are now only available on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs).

Recently, Nexera ID, an identity issuance verification platform built on top of Nexera protocol formed a strategic partnership with cheqd, a privacy-preserving payment and credential network. The partnership aims to redefine the way businesses approach digital identity and data exchange, as previously reported by Crypto News Flash.

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As the industry evolves, Nexera remains at the forefront, shaping the future of finance with its visionary initiatives and forward-thinking approach.

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