Amid April’s Crypto Swings, Pushd’s Stage 6 E-Commerce Presale Steals the Spotlight, Attracting Interest from Uniswap and Cardano Investors


After some smooth sailing in Q1, the crypto market met a new patch of turbulence in April. Tokens that looked set to rally are now in reassessment mode. Cardano, which is held for its sporadic vertical rallies, is now trading flat again. Uniswap remains an important utility token, but an overall market slide hurts decentralized finance and DEX trading. Now, investors are turning their sight to the Pushd presale, offering a new Web3 token with blue chip potential. 

Uniswap Faces Uncertainty in the US SEC Spotlight

The US Securities and Exchange Commission set its sights on Uniswap, one of the most active decentralized exchanges. A prolonged lawsuit may follow, questioning the core principles of open finance. Uniswap has been under SEC investigation for a while, following a long tradition of the US SEC targeting high-profile crypto projects. 

Uniswap offers immutable code and a way to connect to its trading platform, while the entire risk resides with the end user. Decentralized trading does not use order books, and its smart contracts are transparent. However, the high value of assets and trading volumes is alarming to traditional finance regulators. 

In its various versions and contracts, Uniswap now carries above $20B in total value. The exchange is also key for listing brand-new assets, including the wave of meme coins. Uniswap is accessible through multiple blockchains. 

Cardano Active Users Slide Near Three-Month Lows

Cardano is a highly efficient network, which also shows significant activity during campaigns, NFT launches, airdrops or other mass events. In April, active wallets showed an outflow of users. Only 35K daily active wallets carried most of the network traffic, down from a peak above 70K in March. 

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The slide in users also coincided with a lower Cardano market price, stagnating around $0.45. 

One of the big advantages of Cardano is the ability to include multiple transfers in one signed transactions. At the peak, user testers could send assets to as many as 1,600 recipients with eight transactions. Cardano can carry those transfers in a single block, offering an easy tool for mass distribution of other tokens or digital NFT items. 

Pushd Brings E-Commerce to Web3 Users

Pushd is building an e-commerce and online auction marketplace, where it will be sufficient to have a Web3 wallet to participate. Pushd will offer immutable, transparent transactions to connect sellers and buyers. Each merchant will also receive funds without delay. 

Investors can claim early access to Pushd tokens in the stage 6 presale event. The price at this stage is only $0.144. Pushd will distribute a significant chunk of its token supply through direct presales. Early investors will hold 170M tokens out of 250M in total. The Pushd team will set aside only 18M tokens as a bounty, and keep them locked for 700 days. 

The Pushd ecosystem will offer an additional no-fee swap facility, as well as access to a crypto-based debit card for spending funds with any merchant around the world. 

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