Analysts Drop Cosmos Prediction; XRP Whales Move 56 Million Coins, KangaMoon Investors Gain 290% ROI


Amidst the fluctuating crypto market activity, analysts have made surprising Cosmos (ATOM) predictions. Meanwhile, there has been whale activity on XRP (XRP), while early investors of KangaMoon (KANG) have gotten substantial returns. As one of the top crypto projects, some analysts have picked KANG among the best cryptos to invest in April. This is coming as the token is set to hit exchanges soon. 

KangaMoon (KANG) Early Buyers Bag 290% ROI

With the positive developments emanating from the Cosmos and XRP projects, KangaMoon is also taking the crypto market by storm. The project is making waves in the market as whales join the ongoing presale. The token price which started at a floor price of $0.0050 is trading at $0.0196, a 290% ROI for early buyers. 

So far, the team has raised over $4.6M, exceeding analysts expectations. Some analysts believe they will raise over $8M before the end of the presale. The team has announced that KANG will hit tier 1 CEX exchange in Q2. As such, experts are predicting a 50x price increase in the coming months and that could push the KANG price to the $1 price point. 

The cheap price point makes KANG one of the best cryptos to invest in now. What truly sets KangaMoon apart is its focus on community. Unlike other popular meme coins, KangaMoon fosters a sense of shared ownership. Users can earn tokens through P2E mechanics and by actively participating in shaping the project’s future. 

Token holders can earn more KANG when they participate in community activities aimed at promoting the project on social media. There is also the ongoing KangaMoon Shilling Competition, which users can join and earn. The NFT market is projected to hit $200B in 2024, and investing in KANG now will lead to massive returns in the coming months. 

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Analysts Drop Surprising Cosmos (ATOM) Price Predictions

A crypto analyst named Bstaz15 suggests a bullish outlook for the Cosmos token in the coming days. According to the analysts, the Cosmos/BTC price is at 5-year lows, respectively, indicating that the altcoin is undervalued compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin. A potential correction in these ratios could lead to an increase in the Cosmos price.

According to Bstaz analysis, Cosmos is 8% above its 200-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA). This significant technical indicator suggests an upward trend, with a potential price target of $17 by the end of the month. This will be a significant increase compared to $10.84, which Cosmo is trading on the crypto market.

XRP (XRP) Price Fluctuates As Whales Move 56 Million Coins

Large XRP holders, also known as whales, have been shaking things up lately. Over 55 million XRP tokens, valued at over $34M, were moved in two separate transactions. One transaction sent 23.87 million XRP to Bitstamp, a cryptocurrency exchange, while the other saw 32 million XRP move in from Upbit, another exchange.

Adding to the intrigue, the whale transactions suggest some investors in the derivatives market might be bullish on XRP. However, despite this whale activity,  the XRP price attempt at the $0.65 mark a few days ago was thwarted, leading to the coin struggling to stay at the $0.60 support zone. Some analysts believe that XRP will move for a retest in the coming days as the bull run draws closer. 

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