Appital launches liquidity creation functionality for buyside

Appital has launched a new functionality designed to drive opportunistic liquidity on its peer-to-peer price discovery and liquidity sourcing technology for asset managers.

According to the firm, ‘Appital Trending Equities’ enables deal originators on the buyside to proactively stimulate unique liquidity in the market ahead of launching a deal. At the same time, participating buyside firms gain exposure to deals that may launch imminently on the platform, in equities that are relevant to them and meet their minimum ADV or pricing thresholds, Appital said.

Liquidity events that are not occurring elsewhere

Buyside participants will be able to generate orders in the market that would otherwise not exist, resulting in liquidity events that are not occurring elsewhere, the firm claims, concluding that the new functionality unlocks latent liquidity, drives the bookbuilding process and allows trading desks and PMs to become more opportunistic.

‘Appital Trending Equities’ includes PMs in the deal flow and solves key challenges around decreasing liquidity in the lit market, reliance on the market close, and a general reduction in high-touch sales trading and the associated liquidity opportunities.

Now live and in use by asset managers who are already onboarded and using the Appital platform, the new functionality has already allowed approximately 50 indications to be discovered by opportunistic portfolio management teams, totaling over $1bn in potential liquidity.

To date, more than 40 asset managers with more than $15trn AUM are clients of Appital, with 60+ more in the onboarding stage, managing an additional $30trn AUM.

“Matching technology alone is no longer enough”

Mark Badyra, CEO, Appital, said: “In today’s fragmented market, the likelihood of having natural market contras at size, in multiple days ADV, which also match price ambitions, is incredibly unlikely. What’s more, matching technology alone is no longer enough. With our latest innovation, Appital Trending Equities, we solve this problem. Buyside trading desks will receive a list of trending equities within the Appital platform, which they can discuss with their PMs to identify opportunities they wish to participate in. Traders and portfolio managers are empowered to discover and react to deal flow opportunities that are unique in the market, and generate alpha themselves.”

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Brian Guckian, Chief Business Development Officer, Appital, added: “Appital Trending Equities is becoming a valuable source of liquidity creation for the market. This is another milestone in our mission to be at the forefront of technological innovation in the equity market and deliver unique functionality to the buyside, unlike anything they have seen before. We have seen great traction due to our neutral market position and the trust in our platform. Asset managers are happy to share responses to Appital because we are not conflicted on the data and insights and deal originators can better manage their risk before launching a bookbuild.”

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