April Gainers: Top DeFi Coins With Potential For a Significant Pump This Week

April Gainers: Top DeFi Coins With Potential For a Significant Pump This Week

This week is quite significant in the crypto market as it marks the beginning of the second quarter and the month of Bitcoin’s halving. Without doubt, this week is bound to feature the pumping of some crypto coins both in the DeFi market, P2E, NFT and all other sectors.

Meanwhile, smart investors are known to capitalize on these phenomena by selecting the coins with the highest potential for large profits. In this article, 5 top DeFi coins have been carefully handpicked to particularly watch out for as they can potentially see a meteoric pump this week.

● KangaMoon (KANG)

The meme coin space has witnessed the emergence of yet another disruptive player – KangaMoon (KANG). Distinguished by its unique blend of SocialFi and GameFi’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) mode, KangaMoon allows users to participate in battle contests, and challenges to earn high-value in-game collectibles, KANG tokens, and other rewards. Moreso, the battle-themed ecosystem dubbed “Kangaverse” also caters for non-players by allowing them to bet on battle outcomes.

Given its obvious potential, KangaMoon has raised over $4M during its 5th presale phase with the aim of crossing the $5M milestone by the end of April and over $10M by the end of the presale. Meanwhile, the presale is already delivering substantial gains for early buyers who have now locked in up to 290% ROI. This substantial growth has pushed the KANG token’s price from an initial $0.005 to its current price at $0,0196.

Also, in addition to financial benefits, the KangaMoon community has  witnessed an influx of participants, boasting over 20,000 registered members, including over 6,000 token holders. The unique gaming and social flair of KangaMoon positions it in a good stead to disrupt both blockchain gaming and DeFi. Hence, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that it has already joined the ranks of top crypto coins poised to see a major rise this year.

● Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche stands out due to its robust ecosystem and continuous development, particularly in decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This week, Avalanche may experience a significant pump as new DeFi projects launch on Avalanche, attracting more users and increasing demand for Avalanche token.

Additionally, any positive news regarding partnerships or major developments could further boost its value. In less than a month, MapleStory Universe announced leaving the Polygon network for Avalanche, signifying opportunities for more attraction to Avalanche tokens. This week, despite losing by 12.71%, Avalanche token holds in a favorable weekly price range of $46.27 and $55.05.

● Injective (INJ)

The focus of Injective on decentralized finance and its unique approach to derivatives trading make it a standout in the crypto space. This week, Injective could see a significant pump in value as the broader DeFi sector gains momentum, driving more interest and investment into platforms.

Meanwhile, any announcements regarding new DeFi products or partnerships could also fuel its price growth. In less than three weeks, Injective made it to an all-time high of $52.62, but has now declined as it holds in a weekly price range of $31.57 – $38.66. Injective is seeing a decline of over 17% in the past month and 11% in the past week, however the token is presumed to make a substantial increase in this bullish week.

● Jupiter (JUP)

Jupiter’s emphasis on blockchain infrastructure and interoperability makes it a token to watch closely. This week, Jupiter might experience a notable increase in value as the project continues to expand its ecosystem and onboard new partners. Its focus on cross-chain compatibility and innovative solutions could attract more attention from investors looking for promising blockchain projects.

Notably, the Jupiter coin surged past the $1.8 mark recently. This rise was fueled by CWG’s budget proposal launch which is now undergoing the voting phase. In the meantime, the native JUP token is trading within a weekly price range of $1.25 and $1.83, further positioning it in a spot where a major lift-off above its ATH of $2 could occur anytime soon. Rising by over 34% in the past week and over 183% in the past month, Jupiter is well among top DeFi coins you can watch out for this week.

● Maker (MKR)

As a key player in the DeFi space, Maker’s governance token, $MKR, holds significant potential for value appreciation. This week, Maker could see a substantial pump as the DeFi market overall experiences increased activity and interest. Any developments related to stablecoinissuance or governance improvements within the MakerDAO platform could drive up demand for Maker tokens, leading to a surge in value. At the moment, Maker token is currently standing as one of the highest gaining top crypto coins.

With a rise of 17.31% in value in the past week and over 79.75% in the past month, Maker is poised to capitalize on this week’s bull market. Maker currently holds a weekly price range of $3,184 to $4,050. As the token reaches its highest peak in the past few years, more price appreciation is expected in due time.

Final Words

As much as big name cryptocurrencies are the most eligible to ride on the bullish market in this Q2, it’s important to consider small market cap tokens and upcoming cryptocurrency with significant amounts of potential. Out of all the altcoins highlighted above, KangaMoon (KANG)stands as such a coin which is new to the DeFi and the meme coin space but is however showing signs of disrupting the market.

While considering investing in other top Defi coins like Injective, Jupiter, Maker and Avalanche, ensure to check out KangaMoon’s presale where there’s a chance to earn tokens even while in the presale stage. In a nutshell, remember that crypto investing is a ballgame or risks so ensure to do your research and be strategic about how many risks you take while trying to diversify your portfolio.

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