Aptos and Jupiter Trade in the Red While $MEDA Investors Remain Optimistic for Explosive Rally at Launch

  • 60% returns on Milei Moneda’s ($MEDA) Uniswap Launch are imminent for current investors. 
  • Aptos (APT) will plunge by 10% in search of a support level. 
  • Jupiter (JUP) declined by 16% this week.

The market condition changed this week, allowing several altcoins to paint their charts green, but Aptos (APT) and Jupiter (JUP) were left behind. While their holders are experiencing massive losses, investors of Milei Moneda ($MEDA) are basking in profit as they anticipate extra gains in the forthcoming launch. Read on to delve into the reasons behind the Milei Moneda ($MEDA) surge!

Aptos Fails To Find Support

Aptos (APT) recovered from previous lows last month, reaching a peak of 5% below its 2023 ATH. However, it has since entered a persistent downward spiral, disappointing analysts who had anticipated (APT) to establish the strong resistance it had previously surpassed as a solid support level.

The price of (APT) breached and retested the resistance level last week and is now trading 18% below it. The bearish trend is reinforced by selling pressure and a lack of substantial buying volume. If this trend persists, the next support level could potentially be approximately 10% below the current price.

Moreover, the prevailing negative momentum in the (APT) market is supported by 24-hour technical indicators. The MACD displays a bearish crossover, positioned below the zero line, while the RSI stands at 46.00 in the neutral region, suggesting potential further downward movement in (APT) price.

Jupiter Battles Network Issues 

Jupiter (JUP) recently announced an upcoming infrastructure overhaul starting next week to address its growing network congestion, market proliferation within the (JUP) ecosystem, and the rise of bot token spam and scams.

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These issues have been further exacerbated by the network congestion in the Solana network, leading to a decline in Solana’s (SOL) crypto market cap, trading volume, and price value, which has consequently affected various stock meme coins within the Solana network, including (JUP).

Amidst the recent turbulence, (JUP) has fallen 33% this month, with a 16% decrease this week. As the outcome of the infrastructure overhaul remains uncertain, there is an anticipated downward pressure of at least 15% for (JUP) in the coming days.

Milei Moneda: From Meme to Moonshot

Investors of Milei Moneda ($MEDA) appear to be unfazed by market fluctuations affecting other altcoins, as they remain steadfast in their belief that the only direction for this exceptional meme coin is upward. The coin’s strong foundation, characterized by highly secure smart contracts, a successful presale, and transparent token distribution, has instilled confidence and peace of mind in its investors, all while delivering substantial gains.

Against this backdrop, Milei Moneda’s investors eagerly await the official Uniswap Launch scheduled for May, seizing the opportunity to accumulate more $MEDA tokens and maximize their profits. With many of them having entered during the presale Stage 1, they anticipate a significant price surge of at least 100% following the launch. New investors who join now are guaranteed a return of 60%.

In Stage 2 of its presale, $MEDA tokens are available at a DeFi coin price of $0.0125. However, this price is not expected to last long as ($MEDA) is already preparing for its presale Stage 3, where tokens will be traded at $0.015. It is projected that the price will reach $0.020 once it launches on Uniswap next month, providing ample opportunity for investors to participate in the ($MEDA) revolution.

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