Aptos Labs Forges Major Alliances to Launch Institutional Platform Aptos Ascend


Aptos Labs, a prominent player in blockchain infrastructure development, has announced strategic collaborations with industry giants including Microsoft, Brevan Howard, and SK Telecom to launch its new digital asset management platform, Aptos Ascend.

Strategic Collaborations to Enhance Digital Asset Management

Aptos Ascend is set to redefine how financial institutions manage digital assets. By integrating Microsoft Azure’s robust cloud computing capabilities and the Azure OpenAI Service, Aptos Ascend will harness advanced AI technologies to support generative AI applications. This strategic use of technology underscores Aptos Labs’ commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital finance arena.

In addition to technology, the platform will benefit from Brevan Howard’s deep expertise in market investments, which will guide the development of sophisticated digital currency and asset management services. Moreover, the inclusion of SK Telecom’s advanced web3 technologies, such as wallet-as-a-service functionalities, will further enhance the platform’s offerings.

Aptos Ascend: A Gateway to Decentralized Finance

Aptos Labs aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance (DeFi) through Aptos Ascend. The platform is designed to facilitate the entry of institutional capital into DeFi, expanding the liquidity of tokenized assets on a global scale. By partnering with Boston Consulting Group, which reported $12.3 billion in global revenue in 2023, Aptos Ascend is positioned to leverage top-tier consulting services to navigate the complex landscape of global financial regulations and market demands.

Mo Shaikh, co-founder and CEO of Aptos Labs, emphasized the importance of compliance, security, trust, and innovation in meeting the needs of global financial institutions. “Aptos Ascend will equip banks, financial institutions, and tech-forward money markets with a high-performance, compliant, and scalable gateway to decentralized finance on the Aptos network,” Shaikh stated.

Expanding Horizons in Digital Finance

The partnership also builds on Aptos Labs’ previous collaboration with Microsoft in August 2023, which focused on advancing digital payments, tokenization, and the integration of AI with web3 technologies. This ongoing relationship highlights a shared vision for the future of digital finance, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create innovative solutions.

As Aptos Ascend prepares to roll out, it promises to be a transformative platform for financial institutions looking to delve into the world of decentralized finance, offering them a secure and compliant environment to manage and grow their digital asset portfolios.


With the backing of tech and financial heavyweights, Aptos Ascend is poised to become a pivotal platform in the institutional digital asset management space. By combining advanced technology, expert financial guidance, and strategic partnerships, Aptos Labs is setting the stage for a new era of digital finance.

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