ATOR Protocol Announces Chief Infrastructure Collaboration with Streamr Network


ATOR Protocol, the crypto project that advances The Onion Router’s functionality via on-chain incentives, has announced a new collaboration. The company stated that it is going to collaborate with Streamr (a decentralized platform for data broadcasting) for the advancement of infrastructure.

ATOR Protocol Starts a Crucial Collaboration with Streamr Network

To reveal this development, the company took to the social media platform X. In a recent post, it disclosed that the Streamr operates as a data transaction DePIN. DePIN projects are based on blockchain technology and drive real-world hardware infrastructure. However, they conduct the respective operations in a decentralized manner. In addition to this, DePINs frequently utilize token reward mechanisms.

The purpose of the respective incentives is usually to assist develop their networks. In the case of Streamr, the DePIN effectively broadcasts data streams. In this way, the DePIN delivers the data to numerous subscribers. The project can potentially play the role of a remarkable complement to the privacy network of ATOR. Additionally, it has several potentials that can provide benefits to ATOR in general.

The Partnership Enhances Decentralization and Privacy

These features include support for the applications from Streamr’s services and technology based on UDP. Apart from that, ATOR Protocol has also a plan to leverage the Operator Node discovery forum of Streamr. This makes the platform ready for the decentralization of the directory authorities. The respective feature of decentralization is quite attractive and may contribute to the further adoption of the platform.

Along with that, the partnership also offers a significant advantage when it comes to privacy. The collaboration enables the platform to improve its privacy along with some other related options. They take into account the privacy-as-a-service option to facilitate Streamr consumers. ATOR Protocol expressed its enthusiasm for operating with prominent builders to widen the utilization of its network for more decentralization.

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