Automata Network Announces the Launch of EON on 1RPC


Automata Network, a platform that provides private web facilities to dApps, has recently announced an exclusive development. The company has disclosed the launch of Horizen EON, an EVM-compatible sidechain that runs a smart contract forum focusing on scalability, on 1RPC. 1RPC operates as a Web3 relay that intends to safeguard the privacy of the consumers.

EON Launches on 1RPC, Says Automata Network

The company disclosed the development in a recent blog post. The firm mentioned that 1RPC shields the metadata of the consumers from any leakage and exposure. In addition to this, the company has revealed that 1RPC has effectively relayed more than twenty billion requests up till now. The consumers just need to follow three simple steps to utilize the Horizen 1RPC endpoint.

In this respect, the initial move is to go to the search bar of the dashboard and type “Horizen EON” there. The next step is to click the Wallet icon concerning Horizen EON. Following that, the consumer needs to authorize the wallet message. As a result of this, the user can start utilizing the Horizen 1RPC endpoint. For consumers looking for additional granular control as well as more customization, 1RPC Plus provides more features.

The Launch Offers Cutting-Edge Functionalities to the Users

For this purpose, it includes cutting-edge anti-phishing functionalities like transfer sanitizers. The respective things prevent likely suspicious or malicious transfers before they take place. This would be assistive in properly safeguarding the funds of the users.

Automata Network works as a layer for modular attestation. It broadens machine trust in the Ethereum network with the help of TEE Coprocessors. By using Proof-of-Machinehood, a worldwide decentralized machine attestation network assists rollups to realize an Ethereum-aligned future. EigenLayer-based TEE AVS are secured under hardware root-of-trust as well as cryptoeconomic security.

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