Bearish Outlook: Bill Morgan Warns Of Drastic XRP Performance Against Bitcoin

Bearish Outlook: Bill Morgan Warns Of Drastic XRP Performance Against Bitcoin


Amidst the volatile landscape of cryptocurrency markets, Australian attorney Bill Morgan has voiced concerns about the action of XRP against notable crypto assets like BTC, noting an extreme decline in performance over time.

XRP Versus Bitcoin Plummeted On Every Timeframe

Bill Morgan‘s report sheds light on how XRP has reacted to the largest crypto asset since 2021.  According to the lawyer, its performance in relation to Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), and USD is now completely red throughout all timeframes, ranging from 24 hours to three years. His observations offer a sobering reminder of the token’s difficulties within this timeframe.

This concerning indication is a wake-up call for stakeholders, urging them to reevaluate their investment strategy in light of changing market dynamics as XRP battles to stay afloat against the top cryptocurrency. Morgan previously warned the crypto community that whichever timeline they choose to start with, the crypto asset has underperformed BTC.


The attorney’s post came in response to a pseudonymous X user who claimed that since the clarity of the summary judgment, particularly 9 months ago, XRP has witnessed a decline of more than 76% compared to BTC. Specifically, the July last year clarity summary judgment determined the digital asset’s nature.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused Ripple Labs of selling XRP as an unregistered security, thereby claiming the coin itself is a security. However, Judge Torres Analisa ruled against the Commission, saying that the cryptocurrency does not constitute a security nature but a digital token. With the verdict, XRP officially became one of the cryptocurrency assets that have been fully regulated and put through a trial.

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While the X user believes the development might have negatively impacted its price compared to BTC, Morgan does not support the idea. He stated that this does not imply that legal clarity was the reason for the decline nor that it is not crucial for the token or any other cryptocurrency in the market.


The Pair Headed For Antarctica

Morgan is not the only crypto enthusiast who has recently shed light on the pair. Peter Brandt, a well-known market analyst, also weighed in on the subject, highlighting that the XRP/BTC pair is headed to Antarctica, leading to speculations among investors as to what this meant.

There are several different ways that one could read Peter Brandt’s unexpected and cryptic phrase. It can suggest a chilly, pessimistic picture for the asset against the BTC chart, indicating that prices may drop to all-time lows akin to the icy conditions of Antarctica.

However, it might also imply venturing into new territory and delving into depths never before witnessed by the cryptocurrency industry. Given the recent performance, it might be considered that Brandt’s phrase was reflecting on the negative aspect of the pair.



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