BEFE Coin: Your Best Bet in the Face of Solana Network Congestion

BEFE Coin: Your Best Bet in the Face of Solana Network Congestion

When Solana experiences a congested network, BEFE Coin comes as a bright and better solution that may gloat over the superior scalability and high speed of its transactions. Is BEFE getting popular due to its effectiveness and reliability? Let’s find out.

SOL Chains are Bugged!

This is something Solana is putting to the test at present. SOL shows a few thousand transactions, complex in nature every second—meaning most users are experiencing failure. Marketed as a high-speed and low-cost alternative to Ethereum, the network is now struggling with severe congestion. The signal traveling time has now been raised to the range of 20-40 seconds between the two nodes, and with a 30-50% data loss probability, almost 80% of the transactions get delayed for the process or, in other words, fail. Solana has seen nine major breakdowns since 2021; outages have been recorded to exceed 150 hours. In October 2023, congestion issues brought liquidations and forced users to flee from the platform. A February outage had triggered a five-hour disruption. The same may be accessed either from the Solana status page or from the SolBlaze for both live and historical data on the performance of Solana, noting most Solana RPCs are currently either unavailable or performing slowly.

BEFE: The memecoin lord?

BEFE is trying to solidify its spot at the top of the meme cryptocurrency world by extending the same successes of the established contenders it has cloned—with a different launch strategy, though: no presales and taxes. BEFE relaunches the meme coin idea with an opportunity to earn via BRISE staking and a populist community-driven ethos. Its popularity becomes very easy to understand due to meme viruses and community-grown initiatives in place, while it enables trading on both PancakeSwap and Uniswap to reach their audiences of trading on BSC and ETH ecosystems, respectively. Though at a temporary low from the highest peaks of trading volume and price, BEFE’s intrinsic value and strong community support signal a swift comeback and continued growth, reiterating their pledge to fair distribution and vibrancy in the meme coin community.

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BEFE’s Pricing Performance

Last month, BEFE plotted an impressive route, deliberate for price correction and propulsion forward. It opened at an all-time high of $0.00065322 on 25th March 2024 before being subjected to several price adjustments, eventually coming to $0.00032797 by 9th April 2024. These, however, were met by increased trading volumes that surged to $1,053,920 on the 25th of March, then would go to record a record $1,722,236 on the 24th of March before settling between $300,000 and $400,000 in early April. It displays sustained trader interest in BEFE with market active participation, pointing to the outlook remaining bullish despite the recent price adjustment, which reflects well on the future of the token.

Is BEFE the Better Choice?

In the presence of cases of congestion with SOL, BEFE comes as a good alternative for buyers scouting reliability and efficiency. Most of the time, the markets are highly volatile, which is why investors are always warned to trade and invest cautiously.

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