Behind SHIB’s Sudden Rise: Unveiling the $35 Million Whale Moves



In a recent flurry of activity within the cryptocurrency market, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has seen a significant increase in trading volume and price. According to the latest report from Lookonchain, a notable $35.2 million was invested into purchasing approximately 1.356 trillion SHIB by nine wallets, which include two prominent whale accounts. These transactions occurred over a span of just 12 hours, leading to a noticeable impact on the market.

The price of SHIB surged nearly 6% during this period, aligning closely with the overall upward trend observed across the broader crypto market. However, the specifics of these large purchases have sparked discussions among analysts and traders alike regarding their potential influence on the market’s dynamics. 

The average purchase price per SHIB during this spree was reported at $0.00002596, closely matching the current trading price of $0.0000259.


Insights from Lookonchain Data

Delving deeper into the data provided by Lookonchain, it is evident that the largest single transaction was conducted by the wallet address ‘0xfB’, which acquired over 124 billion SHIB with an expenditure of roughly 3.259 million DAI. Another significant transaction was noted from the wallet ‘0x91’, which invested over 8.263 million ETH to purchase 323 billion SHIB.

Source: Lookonchain

These substantial investments by whale accounts are not merely random occurrences but seem to be strategic moves, potentially aimed at capitalizing on the anticipated market movements or leveraging large holdings for market influence. 


The involvement of such large sums and the coordinated timing of these purchases could be indicative of a larger strategy at play within the SHIB ecosystem.

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Market Implications and Future Outlook

The actions of whale accounts in the cryptocurrency markets often lead to speculations about potential price manipulations or strategic market plays. In the case of SHIB, the significant accumulation by these large investors coincides with a general market recovery, which may suggest a bullish outlook among these investors about the cryptocurrency’s future performance.

Moreover, such transactions underline the importance of on-chain analytics as a tool for understanding market trends and investor behavior. By closely monitoring these transactions, analysts and investors can gain insights into the possible future movements of SHIB and other cryptocurrencies, based on the actions of major players in the market.


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