Best Crypto Airdrops To Invest In – 99Bitcoins Launches $99,999 Giveaway

Best Crypto Airdrops To Invest In - 99Bitcoins Launches $99,999 Giveaway

Cryptocurrency airdrops are becoming increasingly integral to the industry’s ecosystem. 

On the one hand, airdrops reward communities and encapsulate the grass-roots nature of cryptocurrency.

But on the other hand, they often ignite unparalleled hype, thereby faring one of the most effective crypto marketing strategies. 

Currently, the hottest crypto airdrop to invest in is 99Bitcoins, offering participants $99K worth of BTC throughout the campaign.

99Bitcoins Airdrop Is a Win-Win For Investors

The new 99Bitcoins airdrop is a stellar example of pioneering crypto innovation. It intertwines marketing prowess with cutting-edge tokenomics to reward all parties involved.

99Bitcoins is a renowned crypto media outlet that was established in 2013. It competes with the likes of CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and CryptoSlate (which recently reviewed the 99BTC presale). 

In a display of trailblazing execution, the team has launched a new native cryptocurrency, $99BTC. It is undergoing a presale, and those who buy can enter the airdrop giveaway.

$99BTC offers holders a slew of benefits, such as exclusive training courses, trading signals, VIP community groups, and staking rewards (currently valued at over 6,000% APY).

Presale participants can gain entry to the airdrop by:

  • Signing up on the main site (parent domain of the presale)

  • Following the project’s social media channels

  • Submitting their Bitcoin wallet address

  • Submitting the wallet address they used to purchase the presale

These steps are also explained in the crypto airdrop promotional video on the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel: 

Alongside potential for massive BTC airdrop rewards, presale participants also benefit from the $99BTC token. With a generous staking APY and the potential for vast price appreciation, the 99Bitcoins airdrop and presale is a win-win.

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As per the site, the Bitcoin halving effect could play an integral role in skyrocketing the $99BTC price after its presale. Analysts expect more newcomers to enter the industry as the price increases, bolstering the demand for the 99Bitcoins platform, which will benefit the $99BTC price.

In line with other recent airdrop campaigns, the $99BTC presale stands to benefit from a storm of profit-hungry traders in the wake of its IEO.

These 5 Airdrop Cryptos Exploded – $99BTC Is Next?

With the allure of airdrop rewards and an expansive track record, investors have been flooding into the 99Bitcoins presale, with the campaign already raising over $300K.

However, those who understand the intricate market dynamics of airdrops are not surprised by the influx of investors. This is because countless recent airdrop cryptos have yielded outsized gains after launching on exchanges.

Currently, the most prominent is Ondo, which allocated 52.1% of its supply to community rewards, including airdrops. It is currently trending on CoinMarketCap with its price displaying immense strength on the back of rumors that BlackRock is buying the token.

Similarly, cross-chain communication protocol Wormhole and yield-generating stablecoin protocol Ethena both launched airdrops this month and have exploded to market caps of over $1 billion.

Other successful examples include Solana’s premium DEX, Jupiter, which holds a $1.4 billion market cap, and Solana-based meme coin, MEW, which holds a $477 million market cap, up 80% today.

Indeed, one thing that many of these projects possessed was an existing user base and well-established product or service. 

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However, this is considerably bullish for 99Bitcoins, given its longer track record than any of the above-mentioned projects.

A Closer Look at the 99Bitcoins Presale

$99BTC will serve as a utility token in 99Bitcoins’ premier “Learn-to-Earn” platform, which strives for mass adoption through crypto incentives and intricate tokenomics.

Since launching in 2013, 99Bitcoins has become an industry leader, boasting over 2.8 million email and 700K YouTube subscribers, along with its first-in-class news site.

The project’s presale site leads with: 

“When MyPoints launched the world’s first rewards platform in 1996, it started a trend that eventually led to the tokenization of rewards. 

Crypto’s successful Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn models amassed a staggering $8.9 billion market value in 2023. Now, 99Bitcoins is pioneering the next evolution of rewards with Learn-to-Earn.”

There is a total supply of 99,000,000,000 tokens, with 10.5% allocated to the presale, 14% to staking rewards, 27.5% to the project’s fund, 17% to community rewards, 8% to liquidity, and 23% to marketing.

Currently, the presale is available at its lowest-ever price of $0.001, but this will rise throughout the campaign. The next increase will occur in one day or when the total raise hits $740K.

So don’t miss the current low price. Follow 99Bitcoins on X and Telegram to stay updated, and visit its website to buy the presale.

Visit 99Bitcoins Token Presale

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.

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