Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction: Is It The Promising Low-Market Cap Meme Coin?


In the last couple of years, the meme coin market has seen impressive expansion, particularly triggered by Dogecoin’s explosive growth in early 2021. Originally designed as a humorous commentary on cryptocurrency, Dogecoin’s unexpected success paved the way for the emergence of other meme coins, such as Shiba Inu (SHIB), which playfully critique Dogecoin itself—a coin that was already a critique of the cryptocurrency world at large. Additionally, the recent surge in Solana meme coins including Dogwifhat, Pepe, Bonk has created massive interest for low cap meme coins due to their skyrocketing surges. Despite many of these coins not offering clear functional advantages, they have nonetheless developed a distinct space within the market. The year 2021 was marked by the nearly weekly debut of new meme coins. Yet, as the crypto market has faced downturns, the fervor for these so-called “dogcoins” has cooled somewhat in the current year. Nonetheless, the meme coin segment remains in hype, with new coins each week launching and recording big gains. Among the latest to join the crypto scene is Big Eyes, a cat-themed meme coin which blends internet meme culture with digital finance. Launched as an ERC-20 token under the ticker symbol BIG, its presale kicked off in August 2022, with trading beginning on June 3rd, 2023, as indicated on the official Big Eyes website. In this article, we’ll explore the technical analysis of Big eyes meme coin and evaluate its future market trends from Big eyes coin price prediction.

Big Eyes Coin: A Quick Introduction

Big Eyes aims to diversify the meme token landscape, which is predominantly influenced by the Shiba Inu dog motif, by introducing a cat-themed alternative. Its core mission is to foster a strong community and support charitable initiatives, allocating 5% of its tokens to support marine life conservation through ocean sanctuaries.

Launched in 2022, Big Eyes Coin distinguishes itself within the cryptocurrency world through its innovative approach. Built around the charming cartoon cat character, Big Eyes, this meme coin is not just for trading; it also permits the acquisition of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Upon becoming available for public trading, it is identified by its ticker symbol, BIG.

Big Eyes Coin: Technical Whitepaper And Roadmap

The strategic development of Big Eyes coin is segmented into four key phases, as detailed in its roadmap. The journey begins with the “Crouch” phase, emphasizing the presale, security audit of the token, establishment of a social media footprint, and the execution of a media stunt.

The roadmap progresses to the “Leap” phase, which signifies a pivotal advancement. In this phase, Big Eyes coin makes its appearance on Uniswap (UNI), a notable decentralized exchange (DEX), and unveils its comprehensive website. Goals for this stage include expanding the Telegram community to 25,000 members, growing the number of token holders to 20,000, initiating the first charitable contribution, and transitioning governance to the community. According to the whitepaper, this phase accelerates the “meme machine” into high gear, introducing merchandise sales.

Following that, the “Run” phase sees the introduction of the platform’s NFTs, further charitable contributions, and plans for an in-person gathering of NFT owners. Ambitions for this phase include securing a high-profile influencer endorsement, doubling the Telegram community to 50,000 members, and achieving an equal number of BIG token holders. The whitepaper hints at a significant media stunt, indicating an escalation of the “meme machine” to its peak performance.

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The roadmap culminates in the “Catwalk” phase, targeting the ambitious goal of donating $1 million to charity and hosting additional community events. This final stage aims to cement Big Eyes coin’s influence and legacy in both the cryptocurrency and philanthropic landscapes.

The platform’s whitepaper has a clear vision: “Big Eyes’ is a full-on community token with the express goal of shifting wealth into the [decentralized finance] DeFi ecosystem and protecting an important part of the world’s ecosystem. Community tokens are huge wealth generators for community and charity. But Big Eyes wants to give more by building a blockchain ecosystem that self-propagates for hyper growth using NFTs to offer access to more content and events that make the blockchain hypeship well worth boarding.”

Is Big Eyes A Scam?

The Big Eyes cryptocurrency sets itself apart from other meme tokens by emphasizing its commitment to environmental conservation. It earmarks 5% of its total token supply for a charity wallet, specifically designed to fund organizations dedicated to cleaning and preserving the world’s oceans and seas. Yet, the whitepaper leaves out the details of the specific charities that will benefit from these funds.

The project also features anonymity among its founders, who are known by pseudonyms such as PawZilla, CatNipper, HypePurrr, TenPaws, CatSuit, and CatEyes, with PawZilla positioned as the group’s leader, or “top cat.” This approach to anonymity mirrors the mystery surrounding Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto, raising investor concerns regarding the oversight of the coin and its charitable contributions.

Furthermore, the whitepaper does not directly reveal the blockchain platform that Big Eyes coin utilizes. An audit conducted by Solidity Finance confirms it as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The omission of such a critical detail in the whitepaper might be a point of interest or concern for prospective investors and coin users.

The audit, which was first published on August 19, 2022, and updated on September 6, 2022, pointed out centralization issues within the Big Eyes project, including total supply control and the development team’s power to blacklist addresses, despite the community-oriented vision of the project. This makes the Big Eyes coin, technically an ERC-20 token, given its reliance on the Ethereum network.

In terms of token distribution, Big Eyes planned an initial supply of 200 billion BIG tokens, with 70% designated for a presale, 20% for exchanges, and the remaining 10% split equally between charity and marketing efforts.

Notably, Big Eyes token transactions are not taxed, although the ecosystem’s NFTs are subject to a 10% tax, benefiting the original seller, BIG holders, and charitable initiatives in designated proportions.

Investors and users should also be aware of the importance of distinguishing Big Eyes coin from other tokens sharing the BIG ticker, such as those associated with the Dark Land survival game and the BigWinner token, to prevent any potential confusion or misidentification of the distinct tokens.

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction: Price History

Analyzing the price fluctuations of Big Eyes coin can provide valuable insights for those looking to forecast or understand its future valuation. It’s important to bear in mind, though, that past performance is not always indicative of future results.

The Big Eyes meme coin made its debut on the trading scene in June 2023, with an opening price of $0.00002144. After an initial surge to $0.000035, the coin encountered a sharp decline to $0.00001 by the end of June, driven by reduced investor confidence amid controversies and auditing challenges. Although it managed a temporary rebound to $0.00002, it failed to maintain interest at or above this threshold, leading to a waning momentum.

In July, the coin’s value dipped further to below $0.000009, continuing its decline in the following months. It reached a low of $0.000007 before experiencing a minor recovery past $0.00001, only to fall once more.

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Despite Bitcoin’s rally to the $40K mark in October, Big Eyes coin did not follow suit, remaining overshadowed by other prominent meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. By the end of October, its price had diminished to $0.0000028. Following this, the coin remained in a bearish trend, with a brief uptick to over $0.0000093 in early December. Recently, the price has fallen again, now below $0.000004, facing increased sell-off at resistance levels.

In March, Big Eyes meme coin again faced a surge following Bitcoin’s recent all-time high. The meme coin surged toward the high of $0.0000035; however, it later declined toward the lows of $0.000001. 

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction By Blockchain Reporter

Year Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
2024 0.000002 0.000002 0.000002
2025 0.000002 0.000002 0.000003
2026 0.000003 0.000004 0.000004
2027 0.000005 0.000005 0.000006
2028 0.000008 0.000008 0.000009
2029 0.000011 0.000012 0.000014
2030 0.000017 0.000017 0.000019
2031 0.000024 0.000025 0.000029
2032 0.000035 0.000036 0.000043
2033 0.000053 0.000055 0.000061

Big Eyes Price Prediction 2024

The forecast for Big Eyes price suggests it may attain a low of $0.000002 in 2024. The BIG token’s price is expected to hit a peak of $0.000002, with an average price level of $0.000002 throughout the year. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 0.00000197 0.00000207 0.00000199
February 0.00000209 0.00000194 0.00000206
March 0.00000205 0.00000194 0.00000194
April 0.00000202 0.00000194 0.00000200
May 0.00000193 0.00000196 0.00000202
June 0.00000193 0.00000200 0.00000191
July 0.00000191 0.00000199 0.00000202
August 0.00000207 0.00000196 0.00000193
September 0.00000202 0.00000202 0.00000191
October 0.00000204 0.00000193 0.00000209
November 0.00000190 0.00000196 0.00000209
December 0.00000209 0.00000197 0.00000206

Big Eyes Price Prediction 2025

Based on detailed technical analysis of past BIG price movements, in 2025, Big Eyes is anticipated to reach a minimum price of $0.000002. Its price could climb to a maximum of $0.000003, averaging at $0.000002 over the year. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 0.00000196 0.00000201 0.00000297
February 0.00000192 0.00000194 0.00000293
March 0.00000204 0.00000209 0.00000310
April 0.00000199 0.00000206 0.00000296
May 0.00000192 0.00000209 0.00000293
June 0.00000200 0.00000208 0.00000301
July 0.00000191 0.00000202 0.00000289
August 0.00000208 0.00000208 0.00000309
September 0.00000195 0.00000192 0.00000287
October 0.00000203 0.00000194 0.00000315
November 0.00000196 0.00000191 0.00000308
December 0.00000200 0.00000197 0.00000291

BIG Price Forecast for 2026

Forecasting and technical analysis indicate that by 2026, Big Eyes could reach a minimum price of $0.000003. The maximum price might touch $0.000004, with an average value of $0.000004 throughout the year. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 0.00000285 0.00000392 0.00000401
February 0.00000309 0.00000393 0.00000397
March 0.00000306 0.00000409 0.00000381
April 0.00000307 0.00000406 0.00000384
May 0.00000308 0.00000415 0.00000381
June 0.00000287 0.00000399 0.00000405
July 0.00000296 0.00000385 0.00000393
August 0.00000288 0.00000409 0.00000400
September 0.00000311 0.00000410 0.00000416
October 0.00000304 0.00000402 0.00000390
November 0.00000295 0.00000411 0.00000396
December 0.00000287 0.00000400 0.00000410

Big Eyes (BIG) Price Prediction 2027

In 2027, Big Eyes is forecasted to have a minimum price of $0.000005. It could achieve a maximum price of $0.000006, with the year’s average price being around $0.000005. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 0.00000486 0.00000515 0.00000577
February 0.00000479 0.00000520 0.00000590
March 0.00000489 0.00000491 0.00000627
April 0.00000483 0.00000481 0.00000589
May 0.00000521 0.00000486 0.00000601
June 0.00000515 0.00000496 0.00000612
July 0.00000507 0.00000516 0.00000592
August 0.00000519 0.00000518 0.00000628
September 0.00000515 0.00000475 0.00000628
October 0.00000484 0.00000501 0.00000585
November 0.00000520 0.00000496 0.00000600
December 0.00000502 0.00000486 0.00000588

Big Eyes Price Prediction 2028

Predictive and technical analyses suggest a minimum price of $0.000008 for Big Eyes in 2028. The price is expected to peak at $0.000009, with an average of $0.000008 for the year. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 0.00000783 0.00000814 0.00000859
February 0.00000763 0.00000821 0.00000908
March 0.00000809 0.00000779 0.00000916
April 0.00000800 0.00000818 0.00000856
May 0.00000764 0.00000789 0.00000901
June 0.00000782 0.00000811 0.00000875
July 0.00000833 0.00000811 0.00000913
August 0.00000779 0.00000803 0.00000871
September 0.00000772 0.00000767 0.00000917
October 0.00000799 0.00000827 0.00000890
November 0.00000839 0.00000786 0.00000939
December 0.00000779 0.00000775 0.00000867

Big Eyes Price Prediction 2029

By 2029, the price of Big Eyes is forecasted to reach a minimum of $0.000011. The maximum price could be $0.000014, with an average year-long price of $0.000012. 

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Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 0.00001083 0.00001248 0.00001415
February 0.00001057 0.00001216 0.00001331
March 0.00001147 0.00001181 0.00001344
April 0.00001142 0.00001182 0.00001423
May 0.00001073 0.00001227 0.00001331
June 0.00001118 0.00001248 0.00001353
July 0.00001135 0.00001246 0.00001407
August 0.00001106 0.00001234 0.00001427
September 0.00001103 0.00001217 0.00001421
October 0.00001072 0.00001150 0.00001361
November 0.00001055 0.00001159 0.00001430
December 0.00001144 0.00001248 0.00001363

Big Eyes (BIG) Price Prediction 2030

The predicted minimum price for Big Eyes in 2030 stands at $0.000017. It may reach a maximum of $0.000019, with an average price of $0.000017 throughout the year. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 0.00001670 0.00001767 0.00001984
February 0.00001742 0.00001722 0.00001986
March 0.00001725 0.00001750 0.00001979
April 0.00001759 0.00001700 0.00001875
May 0.00001727 0.00001713 0.00001808
June 0.00001712 0.00001699 0.00001981
July 0.00001631 0.00001648 0.00001886
August 0.00001678 0.00001738 0.00001989
September 0.00001660 0.00001663 0.00001988
October 0.00001656 0.00001619 0.00001967
November 0.00001780 0.00001725 0.00001861
December 0.00001682 0.00001645 0.00001878

Big Eyes Price Forecast 2031

Following an in-depth analysis, the minimum forecasted price for Big Eyes in 2031 is $0.000024. The price could rise to a maximum of $0.000029, with an average trading value of $0.000025. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 0.00002484 0.00002594 0.00002987
February 0.00002356 0.00002560 0.00002943
March 0.00002321 0.00002549 0.00002959
April 0.00002414 0.00002551 0.00002986
May 0.00002505 0.00002465 0.00003013
June 0.00002447 0.00002448 0.00002853
July 0.00002417 0.00002577 0.00002864
August 0.00002303 0.00002578 0.00002782
September 0.00002428 0.00002592 0.00002923
October 0.00002518 0.00002603 0.00002765
November 0.00002314 0.00002503 0.00002890
December 0.00002404 0.00002500 0.00002912

Big Eyes (BIG) Price Prediction 2032

The price of Big Eyes is projected to reach a minimum of $0.000035 in 2032. With a potential maximum of $0.000043, the average price is forecasted to be $0.000036. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 0.00003425 0.00003439 0.00004096
February 0.00003532 0.00003611 0.00004499
March 0.00003336 0.00003615 0.00004444
April 0.00003338 0.00003649 0.00004384
May 0.00003613 0.00003681 0.00004261
June 0.00003451 0.00003771 0.00004160
July 0.00003369 0.00003606 0.00004152
August 0.00003508 0.00003536 0.00004193
September 0.00003594 0.00003706 0.00004321
October 0.00003401 0.00003517 0.00004392
November 0.00003543 0.00003578 0.00004369
December 0.00003355 0.00003448 0.00004205

Big Eyes Price Prediction 2033

For 2033, Big Eyes is expected to have a minimum price of $0.000053. The maximum price could hit $0.000061, with an average trading price of $0.000055 throughout the year. 

Months Minimum ($) Average ($) Maximum ($)
January 0.00005541 0.00005696 0.00006024
February 0.00005426 0.00005612 0.00006177
March 0.00005329 0.00005486 0.00006102
April 0.00005359 0.00005279 0.00006317
May 0.00005257 0.00005495 0.00006197
June 0.00005166 0.00005485 0.00005894
July 0.00005224 0.00005320 0.00005838
August 0.00005437 0.00005464 0.00006187
September 0.00005043 0.00005444 0.00005811
October 0.00005097 0.00005564 0.00006152
November 0.00005059 0.00005574 0.00006369
December 0.00005057 0.00005250 0.00006146

Big Eyes Price Target: By Experts

According to the current price prediction by Coincodex, the price of Big Eyes is expected to increase by 228.02% and achieve a value of $0.000003800 by May 6, 2024. Coincodex’s analysis, based on technical indicators, suggests a bearish current sentiment and indicates that the Fear & Greed Index is at 75, showing Greed. Over the past 30 days, Big Eyes has experienced 11/30 (37%) days of price increase with a volatility rate of 40.96%. The forecast advises that it is currently not an opportune time to purchase Big Eyes.

Drawing from historical price trends of Big Eyes and the patterns observed in *BTC* halving cycles, the prediction for the lowest price of Big Eyes in 2025 stands at $0.051158. Furthermore, predictions suggest that the price of Big Eyes could climb to a peak of $0.055473 in the next year.

According to forecasts from Digital Coin Price, by 2026, BIG is expected to commence the year at $0.00000307 and trade around $0.00000373. Such a prediction indicates a significant increase from the previous year, marking an impressive rise in Big Eyes’ value. Furthermore, based on Big Eyes Price Prediction and technical analysis by market analysts and experts, Big Eyes is anticipated to surpass a price level of $0.00000541 in 2029. For the current year, the minimum price of Big Eyes is projected to be $0.00000495, with a potential maximum price reaching $0.00000553.

Factors Affecting the Big Eyes Price

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding listings on centralized exchanges for Big Eyes coin, and achieving a substantial trading volume is essential for its potential inclusion on major platforms like Binance, Bybit, or Coinbase.

The debut of its initial NFT collection and the enlistment of influencers are pivotal for the price development of Big Eyes coin.

Additionally, conducting a token burn to reduce the overall supply could positively influence its price, especially since cryptocurrencies that employ deflationary tactics have garnered significant attention following the Terra Classic (LUNC) burn event. However, there are currently no confirmed plans to execute a token burn for Big Eyes. Many leading cryptocurrency experts have highlighted meme coins as particularly lucrative for crypto newcomers due to their explosive growth potential.

For instance, prominent crypto analyst on Twitter, Altcoin Sherpa, has noted that while many meme coins may lack substantive utility and carry risks of scams and rug pulls, they possess the unique ability to achieve rapid, substantial gains – far beyond the capabilities of traditional cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, potentially yielding a 500x return in just days.

Sherpa expressed, “Everyone seeks rapid wealth accumulation, and meme coins present a highly attractive, albeit relatively inefficient, avenue for achieving such financial growth compared to conventional methods.”

Meme coins that are still in the presale phase, in particular, have an even greater potential for growth. Whether Big Eyes will realize this potential is yet to be determined, although it has already experienced a significant surge, over 500%, due to reaching its thirteenth price stage, and is expected to launch with a higher market capitalization than usual.


While it appears popular from its marketing efforts – being featured in Yahoo Finance, and a range of other crypto news media publications – it remains to be seen if Big Eyes coin will launch and manage to hold its value with its approximately $100 million market cap on launch day.

Meme tokens such as PEPE have seen gains surpassing 100 times their initial value due to their low initial market capitalization. However, achieving similar growth for a new entrant like Big Eyes could be less likely, as a 100-fold increase in price would surpass Dogecoin (DOGE) in market capitalization, a 50 time increase would exceed Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) market cap, and a 4 to 5 times increase would overtake Pepe (PEPE).

Initial coin offerings (ICOs), initial DEX offerings (IDOs), or initial exchange offerings (IEOs) commonly face a pullback after their debut, mirroring the Gartner hype cycle observed with the introduction of new financial assets.

In conclusion, several key points need highlighting. The project’s whitepaper is vague on specifics about the cryptocurrency, and since the token hasn’t launched yet, its trajectory could change significantly pre and post-market entry. Cryptocurrency investments are inherently risky, with no sure outcomes, especially in a market crowded with meme coins like BIG. Therefore, thorough personal research is advised, understanding that crypto values can swing widely, and it’s essential not to invest more than what one can afford to lose.

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