Bitbucks: about the VIP club and growth prospects

The company consists of a closed club BitBucks and the company’s main product, which is an international P2P cryptocurrency exchange with its own BTK token. BitBucks is the only P2P platform that allows you to earn commissions from every transaction made by your friends, which makes it interesting for users of P2P platforms.

Several large funds bought some of the company’s tokens and put them into liquidity for the amount of $10 million. The BitBucks marketplace launched in March 2024. The staking program started in December 2023 in the company’s private club, and participants in the staking program are already earning excellent money.

Leading experts and companies from the world of cryptocurrencies have already recognized the staking program of the BitBucks exchange as the best staking program of 2024. Even the most popular crypto exchange, Binance, publishes articles about the BTK staking program.

The BTK token is one of the most promising tokens for investment. BTK is growing every day, the company’s community is growing very quickly. At the moment, the token price is approximately $860.

Large-scale events are held around the world every week. By participating in BTK staking, you get the opportunity to own a promising and growing token that will bring you huge amounts of money. You can become a token holder and take part in BTK staking in the company’s closed club.

BitBucks has started releasing its crypto cards and has already launched their pre-sale. BitBucks cards will soon be delivered to those people who pre-ordered them. Using these cards you can pay anywhere in the world. Also on May 14, spot trading and listing of the BTK token will start on the BitBucks exchange platform.

In addition, the company has planned to list its BTK token on popular crypto exchanges from May 16 to 19 and already has agreements with them. BTK token holders will make a lot of money after listing, given that they are early investors in the staking program. 20% of the tokens will be unfrozen before listing on exchanges, and their owners will be able to take profits on these sites. The whole world is now passionate about cryptocurrency, and listing during the nascent bullrun will bring big profits to token holders.

The company is very clear on its plans and roadmap and follows through on all points. BitBucks is truly a unique opportunity! Don’t waste time!

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