Bitcoin ABC Releases Urgent Hotfix in Latest Update


Bitcoin ABC, a node implementation for the *BTC* Cash network, has announced the availability of a critical hotfix update, Bitcoin ABC version 0.29.1. This release addresses a bug identified in the previous version (0.29.0) that risked the network’s stability and efficiency by causing duplicate connections to peers.

The hotfix aims to rectify a flaw that could potentially hamper the network’s performance by initiating unnecessary multiple connections to the same network peers. Node operators who have upgraded to version 0.29.0 are urged to adopt the latest update without delay to ensure the smooth functioning of their nodes. It’s crucial to note that this bug specifically affects those running version 0.29.0; operators using versions prior to this are not impacted by the current issue and do not require immediate action.

The Chronik Indexer Development

The urgency of this hotfix follows closely on the heels of a significant enhancement made to the Bitcoin ABC node software. Just 24 hours prior to the announcement of the hotfix, Bitcoin ABC unveiled version 0.29.0, a release celebrated for its integration of the Chronik Indexer, a cutting-edge infrastructure solution touted as a million-dollar investment into the crypto ecosystem.

This technology is expected to facilitate a more robust and scalable ecosystem for applications built on the Bitcoin Cash network, thereby supporting the broader adoption and utility of blockchain technology.

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