Bitcoin ETF Frenzy Reaches China As Top Funds Apply For Approval In Hong Kong

Bitcoin ETF Frenzy Reaches China As Top Funds Apply For Approval In Hong Kong

China’s financial giants Harvest Fund and Southern Fund have recently filed applications to launch a new spot Bitcoin ETF, according to local media outlet Securities Times.

Harvest Fund And Southern Fund Spearhead Bitcoin ETF Push In China

Despite China’s historical skepticism towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, leading funds are now actively seeking regulatory approval to launch Bitcoin ETFs.

Harvest Fund, with its Hong Kong subsidiary, and Southern Fund, through its Hong Kong arm, have taken the initiative to apply for and deploy Bitcoin ETFs. 

Moreover, China Asset Management’s Hong Kong subsidiary has recently partnered with a Bitcoin ETF custodian, highlighting the expanding scope of collaborations in the industry.

Per the report, the fund industry in Hong Kong has become a testing ground for new Bitcoin investment products. With the support of their Hong Kong subsidiaries, leading funds can expand their product lines and investment scope. This move allows them to tap into the growing demand for alternative investment options in the region.

Adding to the excitement surrounding the potential approval of new Bitcoin ETF applications, the successful launch of Asia’s first cryptocurrency ETFs by China Southern Fund’s Hong Kong subsidiary, CSOP, has reportedly generated significant interest in the crypto market

Despite market volatility, CSOP’s FA Southern Bitcoin Futures ETF has reportedly generated impressive returns and trading volume, attracting the attention of other public funds and investors.

Furthermore, at the “2024 Hong Kong Web3 Carnival,” regulatory authorities expressed their commitment to fostering industry participation and implementing comprehensive public education. 

This approach aims to encourage the development of digital asset markets while striking a balance between innovation and oversight, signaling a notable shift from the previous regulatory stance towards the industry. 

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In addition, the report highlights the ongoing cooperation between China Asset Management’s Hong Kong branch and the HashKey Exchange, which demonstrates efforts to establish a new regulatory framework for virtual assets.

Approvals Expected In Q2

The Securities Times reported that industry insiders predict that Bitcoin ETF applications could be implemented as early as the second quarter of this year. 

The report also notes that Hong Kong is considering facilitating the creation and redemption of spot Bitcoin ETFs, which could significantly increase the asset management scale and trading volume in the region. 

Ultimately, with Harvest Fund managing over $230 billion in assets and Southern Fund managing over $280 billion, their entry into the Bitcoin ETF space reflects the growing institutional interest in digital assets.

As the regulatory landscape evolves and industry support strengthens, Hong Kong could position itself as a key hub for new Bitcoin investment products, paving the way for wider adoption of digital assets in the region.

Bitcoin ETF

As of the current update, the price of BTC stands at $71,900, representing a 3.8% increase in the last 24 hours. Moreover, the largest cryptocurrency in the market has shown a positive trend over the past seven days, with a 4% upward movement. 

This recent surge breaks the previous consolidation phase observed between the $65,000 and $68,000 price range that persisted for the past week.

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