Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise: Hedge Fund Titan Predicts 200% Surge in 12 Months


  • Anthony Scaramucci predicts Bitcoin could hit $200,000 within a year due to ongoing adoption and institutional demand.
  • Despite acknowledging short-term volatility, Scaramucci remains bullish on Bitcoin’s long-term prospects, comparing its trajectory to the internet’s and Amazon stocks’ early days.

SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci has made a bold prediction regarding Bitcoin’s future, forecasting a substantial surge in its value over the next year. In a recent interview on CNBC Squawk Box, Scaramucci expressed his confidence in Bitcoin’s potential for significant growth, citing ongoing adoption as a key factor driving its value upward.

Bitcoin’s Adoption Curve and Potential Growth

Scaramucci likened Bitcoin’s current position to the early internet era, suggesting that the cryptocurrency is still in its infancy in adoption. Drawing parallels to the evolution of the internet, he emphasized the importance of reaching a critical mass of users for Bitcoin to realize its potential as an inflation hedge and store of value. According to Scaramucci, Bitcoin’s journey toward mass adoption is underway, albeit with expected volatility.

Despite acknowledging the possibility of short-term price fluctuations, Scaramucci remains bullish on Bitcoin’s long-term prospects. He forecasts a substantial increase in value, projecting Bitcoin to reach as high as $200,000 within the next year. However, he also cautioned investors about potential risks, such as unforeseen events like wars or terrorist incidents, which could lead to temporary declines in Bitcoin’s price. Despite these risks, Scaramucci maintains a positive outlook on Bitcoin’s trajectory, citing factors such as increasing demand from ETFs and institutional investors.

BTC’s Volatility and Adoption Curve

Scaramucci acknowledged Bitcoin’s current volatility and classification as a risk-on, risk-off asset. He likened the cryptocurrency’s stage of development to the early volatility experienced by Amazon stocks in 1999, suggesting that patience and a long-term investment approach could yield substantial returns. The SkyBridge Capital founder anticipated that Bitcoin’s adoption curve would continue to evolve, potentially reaching the projected user base by the end of 2026 or sooner.

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Despite his bullish outlook, Scaramucci cautioned investors about short-term fluctuations in Bitcoin’s price. He noted the possibility of a 10 to 15% downside in adverse market conditions, such as geopolitical tensions or terrorist activities. Despite these risks, Scaramucci believes that the overall demand for Bitcoin, particularly from ETFs and traditional financial institutions, will strongly support its price.

Institutional Demand and Halving Event

Scaramucci highlighted the growing interest in Bitcoin from institutional investors, including wirehouses and the 401k market. He also noted the upcoming halving event, expected to further drive up Bitcoin’s price. With these factors in mind, Scaramucci reiterated his optimistic outlook for Bitcoin’s long-term performance, suggesting a potential trading range of $170,000 to $200,000 based on historical trends.

In contrast to Scaramucci’s optimism, Peter Schiff, a vocal critic of Bitcoin and advocate for gold, offered a skeptical perspective on BTC’s role as a haven asset. Schiff pointed to recent market events, such as the Iranian Central Region Explosions and Israeli Airstrikes in Iraq, where Bitcoin experienced a 4% decline while gold saw a 1.6% increase. 

These observations led Schiff to question Bitcoin’s reliability as a store of value during times of uncertainty. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $63,743, marking a 1.5% increase over the past 24 hours. 

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