BlockDAG Raises $13.4 Million in Presale Amid 5th SCAPE and KangaMoon Presale Buzz


KangaMoon presale continues to capture attention as it enters the Memecoin stage, trooping to its stage 5 presale. Meanwhile, the 5th Scape Presale is gaining traction, raising over $3.6 million.

BlockDAG (BDAG) commemorates its recent technical whitepaper debut in Las Vegas Sphere. It has amassed over $13.4 million in presales and is in its seventh presale batch. It holds the potential for a 30,000x ROI, making it one of the top cryptos to buy now.

KangaMoon Presale Gears Up for the MemeCoin Limelight

In this prevailing market downturn, analytics express optimism about the meme coin space witnessing massive adoption. Meanwhile, KangaMoon continues to seize attention, advancing towards its stage 5 presale.

Its ongoing presale has experienced significant growth, with KangaMoon emerging as a standout due to its role as the in-game currency for the play-to-earn (P2E) game. This allows users to use it to acquire in-game items and enhance their characters, thereby enhancing their gaming experience. The project will list its token on a Tier 1 CEX exchange in Q2. This could present an opportune moment to participate in the early stages of the KangaMoon Presale.

5th Scape Presale Leads Crypto’s VR and AR Ecosystem

5th Scape aims to pioneer the creation of the first comprehensive VR and AR ecosystem in the crypto market. At the core of this innovative virtual ecosystem lies the 5th Scape token, designed to serve as the universal currency across all gaming experiences, products, and even the developer marketplace.

Already, investors worldwide have shown strong interest, contributing over $3.6 million to secure 5th SCAPE tokens at a discounted price of $0.00248. With a fixed supply of 5.2 billion tokens and an ambitious fundraising target of $15 million, anticipation is rapidly mounting for the 5th SCAPE presale’s success.

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BlockDAG’s Outshines Its Competitors with 30,000x Growth Potential

BlockDAG has emerged as a standout success story in the cryptocurrency landscape. It boasts an impressive track record of raising over $13.4 million in presale funds and selling over 6.6 billion BDAG coins. With its strategic $2 million giveaway and diverse income streams, including options for mobile mining and dedicated miner units, BlockDAG has captured the attention of investors worldwide. 

During its seventh presale batch, BlockDAG’s current trading value at $0.004 signals significant returns for early backers, with projections of a remarkable 30,000x ROI upon its formal launch.

BlockDAG presents an innovative solution to the blockchain trilemma by simultaneously achieving security, scalability, and decentralisation. Leveraging a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure, BlockDAG offers a more scalable and efficient framework for transaction processing. With an impressive speed of 5000 to 8000 transactions per second, BlockDAG sets the benchmark for industry-leading transaction speeds while maintaining robust security measures.

Why You Should Invest in BlockDAG Now

The KangaMoon presale is gaining traction, while 5th Scape endeavours to lead the way in establishing a VR and AR ecosystem within the crypto space. BlockDAG is positioned to revolutionise the cryptocurrency landscape with its cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing high throughput and rapid transactions

After unveiling its whitepaper, which outlines a revolutionary consensus mechanism, experts have revised their profit forecasts for BlockDAG to an astounding 30,000x ROI potential.

Merging the security of traditional blockchain with the speed and scalability of DAG, BlockDAG establishes a new paradigm in distributed ledger technology that already has already exceeded $13.4 million in presale, setting itself among the top cryptos to buy.

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