BlockDAG’s Keynote Teaser Causes Frenzy as Presale Skyrockets to $18.7M Amid Ethereum’s Price Recovery & Chainlink’s Bullish Price Potential


For a crypto to become successful it is crucial that innovation and a sound marketing strategy go hand in hand. As seasoned crypto players like Ethereum and Chainlink each offer their own capabilities, it is BlockDAG that ventures into 2024 with cutting edge mining techniques, its crypto mining rigs and marketing moves. The project has drawn significant attention by dropping a new teaser of an upcoming moon-based keynote video. The project also released a technical whitepaper, which strengthened BlockDAG’s 30,000x ROI capability.

This article explores the market performance of Ethereum and Chainlink while focussing on BlockDAG’s efficient utilisation of ingenious consensus mechanism and mining technique that paved the way for it to score a presale fund of over $18.7 million. 

Ethereum Price Recovery: Analyzing Recent Upward Trends

Ethereum has recently shown signs of recovery, surmounting the $3,000 resistance mark and pushing past $3,120. Despite a pullback near the $3,280 resistance, Ethereum’s resilience is notable. The price fluctuation below the $3,200 mark and the simple moving average hint at ongoing battles between bulls and bears.

 Key resistance levels linger around $3,250 and $3,280, with potential highs up to $3,500 if these are breached. The scenario underscores a cautious optimism for Ethereum’s price recovery, with significant support stationed at $3,000 and $2,900, critical for sustaining upward momentum.

Chainlink’s Potential Price Surge

On the other hand, Chainlink, exhibits a promising 6.97% increase to reach $14.41, suggesting an impending trend reversal. Analysts like Van de Poppe see this as a massive opportunity for accumulation, given the volatile nature of crypto markets. With its price approaching a cycle low, Chainlink could be gearing up for a substantial rally, provided investors remain diligent and research-driven in their strategy.

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BlockDAG Poised to Hit $10 By 2025

BlockDAG has created a monumental leap by releasing a moon-based teaser of a keynote that hints towards the launch of a new keynote. This innovative strategy not only boosts interest but also sets the stage for its price to surge in upcoming batches and eventually reach $10 by 2025. The brand’s success is supported by its novel technology and mining techniques, which form the foundation of its achievements.

BlockDAG’s earlier keynote details how the brand is making a mark with its accessible and efficient cryptocurrency mining technology, tailored for users without technical expertise. It stands out for several innovative features: its eco-conscious mining processes are less resource-intensive and quieter than traditional methods, addressing environmental concerns. The technology also reduces the strain on devices by using fewer resources and consuming less power, broadening its accessibility and leading to amassing an astounding $18.7 million presale fund.

As elaborated in its DAGPaper, BlockDAG employs a hybrid consensus protocol that enhances security, scalability, and efficiency, while its mining process is optimised for high computational output with minimal energy use, supporting sustainable practices. BlockDAG’s high transaction speeds, low transaction fees and a landmark throughput (10,000-15,000 TPS) sets up the brand for its 30,000x ROI potential. BlockDAG will see another price increase, as its current batch 9, which is priced at $0.005, will jump to $0.006 in its upcoming batch 10.

Why BlockDAG Holds the Investment Edge

To wrap up, while Ethereum and Chainlink offer solid recovery and potential growth respectively, BlockDAG distinctly positions itself with innate technology and robust mining infrastructure that has propelled the brand to hit a presale fund of $18.7 million in under nine batches. BlockDAG’s new keynote teaser and the excitement that it has created in the crypto market positions this new emerging coin to become a universal crypto that can provide its investors a 30,000x ROI post its launch.

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