Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest Accidentally Owns $15,000 Bitcoin Puppet

Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest Accidentally Owns $15,000 Bitcoin Puppet

Cathie Wood has been one of the biggest proponents of Bitcoin. Interestingly, the investor’s financial company accidentally owns a Bitcoin Puppet.

Arkham’s latest update revealed a fascinating twist involving the investment management firm’s inadvertent ownership of a Bitcoin Puppet valued at $15,000. The Bitcoin Puppet in question found its way into a custody wallet associated with their ARKB ETF, sparking curiosity about its origins.

  • The Puppet’s history traces back to January 4th, when it was inscribed by bc1psg and subsequently transferred through two related Ordinals wallets.
  • On February 5th, a Quantum Cat was minted by wallet bc1pcw, inadvertently using the Puppet’s inscribed satoshis as payment.
  • The Puppet then passed through several wallets associated with Wintermute, Coinbase, and Flow Traders before ending up in ARK Invest’s custody wallet.
  • Additionally, ARK has received multiple Ordinals airdrops from the Puppet community.
  • In the past year, Bitcoin Ordinals have surged in popularity within the digital collectible space, even capturing the interest of financial powerhouse Franklin Templeton. The company recently commented that Ordinals are catalyzing a ‘Renaissance’ in Bitcoin activity.
  • Bitcoin Puppets, along with other notable collections like NodeMonkes, Runestone, Ordinal Maxi Biz, and Bitmap, have also started to assert their dominance in the NFT arena.
  • This trend reflected a growing recognition of Bitcoin’s versatility beyond its conventional function as a digital currency.
  • Despite this uproar, crypto exchange giant Binance announced plans to wind down its Bitcoin NFT marketplace, which was launched less than a year ago.
  • The co,pamy said that the decision was part of “ongoing efforts to streamline product offerings on the Binance NFT Marketplace.”
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