Chainlink Accelerates Adoption with 10 Integrations across Multiple Chains


Chainlink, a leading decentralized oracle network and issuer of $LINK, has announced significant adoption growth. Recently, various Chainlink services have been integrated by 10 different platforms. These integrations span across a variety of chains, demonstrating the versatility and utility of Chainlink’s offerings in the blockchain space.

Chainlink Services Power Blockchain Integration and Innovation

The integrations encompass five key Chainlink services. These services include Chainlink CCIP (Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol), Chainlink Mainnet Integration, Chainlink Price Feeds, Chainlink Low-latency Data Streams, and Chainlink Cross-chain Limit Orders. These services play crucial roles in facilitating secure and reliable data transfer and interoperability within and across blockchain networks.

Projects built on eight different chains have leveraged Chainlink’s services. These blockchains include Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, and WeMix. Among the 10 platforms that integrated Chainlink services are Cryptex Finance, Dinari Global, Hype Saints NFT, Luchadores NFT, Stader Labs, Swell Network, Transporter, Vertex, and Xena Finance.

Each platform has utilized Chainlink services tailored to their specific needs. Xena Finance, for instance, integrated Chainlink’s cross-chain limit orders feature, enhancing its trading capabilities. Vertex Protocol integrated Chainlink’s low-latency data streams to access real-time data efficiently. Cryptex integrated Chainlink’s price feeds, ensuring accurate and reliable pricing information for its users. Meanwhile, Hype Saints NFT tapped into Chainlink’s mainnet services, and the remaining projects all integrated Chainlink CCIP to enable seamless cross-chain communication.

3 Major Chainlink Integrations in April 2024

First of all, Stader integrated Chainlink CCIP for cross-chain liquid staking. This milestone enabled secure token transactions and ETHx transfers across Ethereum and Arbitrum. Second most important integration is by Swell. Swell partnered with Chainlink to boost DeFi transparency with its CCIP. Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve on Ethereum will enhance Swell’s liquid staking ecosystem, providing users with real-time visibility into rswETH reserves. The third most important integration is with Vertex. Vertex DEX integrated Chainlink Data Streams for lightning-fast trading. This boosted their reliability and security, ensuring accurate price data and fair market practices.

These integrations underscore Chainlink’s commitment to fostering blockchain interoperability and providing essential infrastructure for decentralized applications across various ecosystems. As Chainlink continues to expand its network of partners and services, it reinforces its position as a fundamental building block for the decentralized future.

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