Chainlink CCIP Enables DinariGlobal’s USD+ Stablecoin Cross-Chain Transfers on Arbitrum and Ethereum


  • Dinari Global has successfully integrated Chainlink CCIP across the Arbitrum One and Ethereum mainnets, enabling seamless cross-chain transfers.
  • The decision to adopt Chainlink’s CCIP underscores Dinari’s commitment to security and reliability in the Web3 ecosystem.

In the latest development, Dinari Global announced the successful integration of Chainlink CCIP, the leading industry standard for secure cross-chain interoperability, across the Arbitrum One and Ethereum mainnets. By leveraging CCIP’s Simplified Token Transfer capabilities, Dinari will enable seamless cross-chain transfers of USD+, its fully backed yield-bearing stablecoin. This integration empowers USD+ to drive payments and serve as collateral throughout the on-chain economy.

Dinari’s decision to adopt CCIP as its preferred interoperability solution stems from Chainlink’s distinguished reputation for maintaining the highest levels of security and reliability within the Web3 ecosystem, as reported by Crypto News Flash.

Moreover, CCIP is supported by the Risk Management Network, an independent entity dedicated to continuously monitoring and verifying cross-chain operations for any signs of suspicious activity. This additional layer of security is crucial, particularly in light of past industry breaches and the significant loss of user funds resulting from insecure and unreliable cross-chain infrastructure.

Dinari Global is known for issuing on-chain tokens that are completely backed by real-world assets. Its USD+ stablecoin as well as the yield-generating stUSD+ provides a solid foundation for USD-pegged stability along with the potential for growth on fixed-income assets. Along with its USD+ stablecoin, Dinari also issues ETFs, dShares, 1:1 backed tokenized stocks, and much more.

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Leveraging the Benefits of Chainlink’s CCIP

Dinari’s decision to adopt CCIP stems from Chainlink’s established reputation for maintaining the highest standards of security and reliability in the Web3 industry. Additionally, CCIP is supported by the Risk Management Network, an independent entity that continuously monitors and verifies cross-chain operations for potential suspicious activity.

This additional layer of security addresses historical vulnerabilities in cross-chain infrastructure, mitigating risks associated with unauthorized access and loss of user funds. Below are some of the key benefits of Chainlink’s CCPI:

  1. CCIP leverages Chainlink decentralized oracle networks for time-tested security and reliability, having secured tens of billions of dollars for smart contracts and enabled over $10 trillion in onchain transaction value. Additional layers of protection come from the Risk Management Network and Smart Execution.
  2. CCIP ensures secure token transfers with audited token pool contracts, simplifying processes like burning and minting or locking and minting tokens across chains. With features like Rate Limits, CCIP Token Transfers offer enhanced security and flexibility for ecosystem partners.
  3. Programmable Token Transfers within CCIP allow for atomic transactions, enabling instructions to be embedded in data payloads for token transfers and arbitrary data transfers.
  4. CCIP is designed for continuous updates, including the integration of new blockchains and advanced functionalities, ensuring future-proof cross-chain interoperability without incurring switching costs

By leveraging Chainlink’s CCIP, Dinari also plans to expand USD+ cross-chain token transfers along with the interoperability to some additional chains. Recently, Chainlink has also unveiled a revolutionary new tool Transported, for Cross-chain transactions, as reported by Crypto News Flash.

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Speaking on the development, Dinari CEO Gabriel Otte said: “Integrating Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol is an important moment for Dinari, marking a significant step towards seamless and secure cross-chain functionality for USD+. Chainlink CCIP stands out not only for its security and reliability but also for its forward-thinking and defense-in-depth features that align with our vision for the future of decentralized finance”.

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