Charles Hoskinson Boasts About Cardano, Analyst Jelle Predicts ETH Rally Post-Halving, NuggetRush’s Unified Platform Gains Attention

  • Charles Hoskinson is bullish that Cardano will always win any vote for the best cryptocurrency. 
  • Crypto analyst Jelle has forecasted a potential price surge for Ethereum based on a historical trend.
  • Investors flock to NuggetRush because of its unified platform, which merges several elements. 

Charles Hoskinson, in a recent tweet, expressed confidence that Cardano will dominate any vote for the best cryptocurrency as long as it is fair. Also, crypto analyst Jelle has predicted a potential price surge for Ethereum. Meanwhile, investors’ interest in the new DeFi project, NuggetRush, has increased. 

They have been attracted by its unified platform, which merges various elements. Additionally, analysts have foreseen a potential 100x surge following its listing, further fueling excitement.

NuggetRush’s (NUGX) Unified Platform and 100x Prediction Attracts Investors

NuggetRush (NUGX) is a project that bends memecoins, GameFi, play-to-earn (P2E), and NFTs into a unified platform. It allows players to engage in a virtual mining competition. 


In this competition, players are given pieces of land to search for precious metals like gold and popular NFTs. Players can start on a small scale and expand their mining projects as they advance in the game. Apart from the game, NuggetRush has an NFT marketplace. 

This is where the trading of gaming assets, precious minerals, machinery, and the coolest NFTs takes place. This economic climate positions NuggetRush as a top DeFi project that provides an engaging gaming experience alongside real income opportunities. 

NuggetRush has ended its presale and is going forward to the next step, which will occur in less than three weeks – its airdrop. The airdrop has generated excitement among investors. They are also looking forward to its upcoming listings this quarter, making it a good crypto to buy

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Cardano (ADA) Always Win, Says Charles Hoskinson 

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano (ADA), praised the network in a recent tweet. He highlighted that in a fair scenario whether a competition or community voting regarding cryptocurrencies, Cardano will emerge as the top choice. Hoskinson’s remarks come after the results of The Blockchain Life Awards 2024 Voting showed Cardano above Ethereum. 

Cardano was voted 3.6x higher than Ethereum. It recorded 3245 votes, while Ethereum clenched only 902 votes. Despite the vote of confidence, Cardano’s ADA is not a good crypto to buy. Its price has dropped 11.7% on the 7-day price chart and 23.6% on the 30-day price chart. 

Analyst Bullish on Ethereum (ETH) To Soar After Bitcoin’s Halving 

Top trader Jelle has noticed a pattern in Ethereum’s (ETH) price chart ahead of Bitcoin’s halving on April 20th. This pattern is similar to what occurred in Bitcoin’s last halving event. According to Jelle, the last halving was a cue for Ethereum’s price to rally. The last Bitcoin halving occurred on May 11th, 2020, when Ether’s price was approximately $210. 


By August 14th, only three months later, ETH’s price had climbed to $433, representing a 106% increase in value. Jelle has identified a similar pattern in Ethereum’s current price chart and has predicted a repeat in 2024. This makes Ethereum one of the top altcoins to watch in the coming weeks. 

Final Thoughts 

The two top altcoins, Cardano and Ethereum, have the potential for more gains in the coming weeks. However, this would depend on the state of the general market. Meanwhile, NuggetRush’s gaming platform makes it the best DeFi project for every investor. 

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This platform caters to a large audience of users thanks to its blend of meme coin, P2E, NFTs, and GameFi. Also, analysts’ forecast of a 100x surge adds more allure to the project. 


Visit the NuggetRush Presale Website

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