ChatGPT Analyzes if XRP Can Flip SOL if Ripple Wins Against the US SEC


  • The lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC, concluding with a grand trial on April 23, could significantly influence XRP’s price and market capitalization.
  • The asset’s value growth also depends on market dynamics and adoption by major financial institutions.

Waiting for the Judge’s Decision

The lengthy legal battle between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will move to a grand trial (scheduled for April 23), which is supposed to be the final chapter of the dispute. Industry participants believe the case’s outcome may significantly impact XRP’s price.

For example, a decisive win for Ripple (which already secured three partial court victories) could boost the valuation of the coin, while the opposite scenario might hamper the industry’s advancement and lead to the implementation of strict rules. 

We decided to ask ChatGPT whether XRP can surpass Solana’s SOL and become the fifth biggest cryptocurrency if Ripple emerges victorious in the aftermath.

Somewhat expectedly, the chatbot estimated that this factor is the main one affecting the asset’s future price movements:

“If Ripple wins the lawsuit, it could lead to a significant positive sentiment shift towards XRP. A victory might mean less regulatory uncertainty for XRP, potentially increasing investor confidence and leading to an influx of investment.”

Other elements to consider are market reaction and the participation of financial giants. According to ChatGPT, XRP’s ability to flip SOL depends on increased adoption by leading institutions that can contribute to its overall market cap growth. 

“However, market dynamics in cryptocurrency are highly volatile and influenced by numerous unpredictable factors, such as technological advancements, market trends, investor sentiment, and macroeconomic factors,” ChatGPT concluded.

The Latest Developments Surrounding the Lawsuit

Ripple and the US SEC both need to comply with necessary court rules before the beginning of the trial. The regulator recently filed its brief with respect to remedies, while the firm’s opposition letter should come no later than April 22. 

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The entities also filed a joint motion seeking the authorities’ approval “to govern sealing issues relating to the upcoming remedies-related briefing.” 

It is worth noting that the start of the trial does not necessarily mean the case will be resolved anytime soon. Earlier this year, ChatGPT estimated that the outcome might occur in 2026 due to delays and appeals from both sides.

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