cheqd Joins Forces with Andromeda & Devolved AI to Propel Trusted Data Market Growth


cheqd, a pioneering startup focusing on empowering users and organizations with control and portability of their data, has announced major partnerships with Andromeda and Devolved AI. These partnerships aim to bolster the growth of Trusted Data economies, emphasizing user-centric approaches in areas like re-usable KYC in Web3 and preference data markets.

Andromeda, a company dedicated to building an on-chain suite of products through its decentralized operating system aOS, aims to simplify Web3 interactions. The partnership with cheqd is a vital step for Andromeda in equipping developers with secure, user-controlled data solutions.

On the other hand, Devolved AI is leading an initiative to revolutionize ownership and governance in the burgeoning artificial intelligence sector. With a platform focused on placing AI ownership in the hands of its users, Devolved AI aims to redefine the relationship between AI and humanity.

Empowering Web3 Developers with Secure Data Solutions

cheqd is laying the groundwork for a Trusted Data landscape to enable users to manage and safeguard their data privacy in Web3 environments. The platform facilitates the creation of Trusted Data Markets, allowing for data exchange and monetization in a portable, verifiable, and privacy-preserving manner. Central to cheqd’s platform are Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Blockchain technology, providing the essential infrastructure and trust layer for Trusted Data marketplaces.

Andromeda will integrate cheqd’s solutions to provide its ecosystem of Web3 developers with access to secure, user-controlled data solutions. This collaboration will equip aOS developers with the necessary tools to build superior decentralized applications (dApps) that offer enhanced data management and trust, leading to richer, user-centric experiences.

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Democratizing Ownership in the AI Industry

In the realm of AI, cheqd will be instrumental in Devolved AI’s quest to democratize the AI industry. The partnership will see Devolved AI harnessing cheqd’s innovations in Decentralized Identity (DID) and Trusted Data Markets to develop a groundbreaking decentralized reputation system. This system will reward contributors while supplying verified data to its expanding library of open-source AI models.

By incorporating DIDs into its AI-focused Layer-1 network, Devolved AI ensures users maintain full control over their digital identities, enabling trusted interactions without revealing personal details. Furthermore, cheqd’s Trusted Data Markets will play a pivotal role in ensuring data quality and reliability for AI training, meeting the growing demand for ethical and transparent intelligent models.

Devolved AI’s decentralized reputation system will be constructed atop cheqd’s infrastructure, reshaping how credibility is established and maintained in Web3. Utilizing blockchain’s immutable nature, this system will prioritize actions over words, amplifying the contributions of trusted users within Devolved AI’s ecosystem.

Enhancing Trust and Loyalty in Communities

cheqd stands as a unique privacy-preserving payment and credential network, empowering both individuals and organizations with ownership, portability, and control over their data. Built upon DID and Verifiable Credentials, cheqd facilitates data transactions while placing individual privacy at the forefront. Creds, cheqd’s inaugural product, is a no-code decentralized reputation platform designed for communities to foster trust and loyalty.

Creds also offers the capability to verify someone’s reputation, including their affiliations within platforms like Telegram, all without the need for either party to exit the app, effectively preventing scams and fraud. The partnerships with Andromeda and Devolved AI mark significant strides for cheqd in its mission to reshape Trusted Data markets and further its commitment to user-centric data management in Web3 and AI sectors.

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