Will Launch VLT Token to Share Its Multi-Million B2B Revenue with CHO Holders: Check Details Here Will Launch VLT Token to Share Its Multi-Million B2B Revenue with CHO Holders: Check Details Here

The team keeps demystifying their groundbreaking ecosystem, making another big announcement favoring CHO token holders. Within 1–2 months, the new VLT token will go live to power’s B2B revenue-sharing program, aimed at rewarding CHO owners for their commitment to the company’s ongoing evolution. 

On April 3, declared its imminent shift toward the enterprise sector following the successful market debut of Vault, the B2B provider of white-label digital/crypto banking products and APIs, operating upon’s infrastructure. As part of this transformative strategy, both and Vault will merge into a unique Web3 development marketplace, and the team has already pledged to make CHO token owners the primary beneficiaries of these fundamental changes.

Specifically, it was mentioned that the company would grant CHO holders a share of’s B2B revenue. This implies Vault will distribute up to 20% of its earnings between those staking CHO, thus boosting their ultimate yields. The news got the token community ablaze with excitement, as Vault’s projected revenue for 2025 is estimated at $180 million. Fueled by this prevailing optimism, CHO started its April performance with a persuasive 60% rally

Finally, the team unveiled more details regarding’s impending revenue sharing. On April 11, they introduced the upcoming VLT token that will be used to credit B2B revenue to CHO token stakers.

VLT: The Next Step in’s Loyalty Strategy

The VLT token will be launched in the next 30–60 days and will serve as an incentivization mechanism designed to allocate a share of Vault’s significant revenue exclusively to CHO holders. 

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This aligns with’s strategy to reward loyalty and investment within its ecosystem. VLT will not be available for purchase on third-party platforms and will be obtained only through CHO token staking to keep it confined within the CHO/VLT community.

The revenue distribution process will be thoughtfully structured to cater to different CHO investor profiles—from early buyers and IDO participants to current holders, future investors, and even CHOBIES NFT owners, who will be eligible for a separate drop of VLT tokens. will implement a tier system with different staking conditions for each investor category to ensure a fair and transparent allocation – between 20% and 150% of VLT’s volume credited for staking – that favors the longevity of one’s engagement with CHO. 

The tier level a user can enter will also be influenced by the amount of CHO they hold, which is tracked by regular snapshots on decentralized exchanges. This ensures that the more CHO tokens an individual possesses, the larger the proportion of VLT tokens they can receive. Thereby, they will directly link the extent of their investment to their potential Vault revenue share.

How to Participate in B2B Revenue Redistribution with VLT

To receive their slice of’s B2B revenue pie, VLT holders will enter various tiers. Depending on the selected tier, they will accrue a certain number of points based on Vault’s designated point system.

Every month, Vault will redistribute up to 15% of its revenue among these tiers, directly proportional to the number of points VLT owners have accumulated. This will enable them to claim a share of Vault’s revenue as a return on their staked tokens. 

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Notably, to maintain the value of VLT, Vault will commit another 5% of its monthly revenue to repurchase and subsequently burn tokens from the market. This cycle will not only reduce the total supply and increase scarcity but also stabilize market fluctuations.

VLT holders will also be able to multiply their points by engaging in specific actions, such as utilizing’s services. This will not only amplify their potential rewards share but also deepen their engagement within the ecosystem.

To ensure transparency and fairness in the revenue distribution process, all operations will be managed through a decentralized smart contract. This setup will allow VLT owners to monitor real-time data on distributions, token burning, and overall token utilization.

In this way, will empower every user to see the clear, accountable flow of benefits and contributions, building trust within the ecosystem.

A New Era of Profitability for CHO Stakers

For the sake of CHO holders, VLT will play a crucial role in boosting CHO staking income. Revenue generated within and distributed in VLT will give CHO token stakers the opportunity to earn additional income. 

This extra level of profitability is supposed to increase demand for CHO and significantly enhance its investment potential. Given that the token has already seen its monthly trading volume soar by 224%, the market interest for CHO is currently on the rise, urging those who have so far stayed away to jump the boat until it’s too late.

As such, the release of the VLT token will not only support the growth of the ecosystem but will also ensure that as Vault’s revenue increases, both CHO and VLT token holders benefit from its success in a transparent, decentralized, and blockchain-verified manner. 

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Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 


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