Cloud Mining Platform blueskyminer Offers an Avenue for Fixed Income with Cryptocurrency

The blockchain scene experiences several developments frequently, with new concepts coming up each day. Cloud mining is one of such interesting developments and it makes it easy for anyone to mine crypto.

Traditionally, mining crypto required the use of sophisticated hardware and immense power, which made it prohibitive to many parties. Cloud mining eliminates the need of complex equipment, as miners can mine crypto assets via their phones.

There are several cloud mining platforms that you can join and start your investment journey. Blue Sky Miner is among such platforms, and it distinguishes itself from other sites by focusing on the best customer experience.  Stick on as discuss this site and show you how to make extra income via cloud mining.

Welcome to Blue Sky Miner

If you are new to the platform, it is an expectation that you would want to know more about it. Blue Sky Miner is an England-based company that provides mining facilities to interested miners, and it seeks to make the concept go mainstream by making it accessible to everyone.

The company is legitimate, with proper supporting document that you can access from the website.

Why You Should Cloud Mine Crypto Assets with Blue Sky Miner

There are several reasons why Blue Sky Miner is the go-to platform for miners. Before looking at its appealing elements, you can check out the site and create an account. Account creation is hassle-free, requiring you to click on the ‘Sign Up’ icon on the homepage to proceed.

This action directs you to another webpage with an online form, which you fill with requested details, such as your preferred username, email, address. Provide a referral code if you have one. Complete all the prompts, including email verification and your account will be ready for mining.

Back to the main topic, let us look at why this platform is the best for your cloud mining journey.

 The Welcome Bonus

One of the most impressive things about Blue Sky Miner is the welcome bonus. After successfully creating an account, you get a $10 bonus that you can use to buy a starter mining package. Few mining platforms give you such a perk just for signing up.

Vast Choice of Assets

You have a vast choice of assets to mine via Blue Sky Miner. You can cloud mine BTC, LTC, and many more, depending on your preference.

Plenty of Mining Contracts

You have to buy a mining contract to mine crypto assets via Blue Sky Miner. Presently, the platform has around nine mining contracts that have different purchase costs, mining periods, and returns and are suitable for both novice and experienced miners.

The Affiliate Program

Blue Sky Miner provides its users with numerous ways of making money. For instance, it has an affiliate program, with users getting a unique referral code and link when they sign up. As a Blue Sky Miner affiliate, you have to share the link with your contacts. A successful referral earns you a commission of 1.5-3%.

The payouts are instant, and come in the form of your preferred crypto asset, such as ETH, BTC or LTC.

Blue Sky Miner’s Million Bounty

The other way of making money through Blue Sky Miner is by handling its Million Bounty tasks. They are simple tasks, perfect for miners who are active on social media. The tasks include reviewing the platform on your website and holding discussions about it with sizeable groups on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and WhatsApp. Once you complete the tasks, you can earn from $1 to $500.

Download the Mobile App for Convenience

You should take advantage of the goodies offered by Blue Sky Miner as you make extra income via cloud mining. After creating an account, you should download the mobile app for convenient mining. It is a lightweight app, with version for iOS and Android devices.

 If you want to know more about blueskyminer, please visit its official website:

You can download the APP via the company’s official link:


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