CoinGames Builds World’s First Fully Decentralized Gambling Platform

CoinGames Builds World’s First Fully Decentralized Gambling Platform

London, England, April 11th, 2024, Chainwire

Web3 platform offers blockchain-based, smart contract-backed online casino and sportsbook

CoinGames, the first fully Licensed decentralized gambling platform, has launched and is offering users a safe, secure, and streamlined online casino service powered by the latest in blockchain and smart contract technology. The CoinGames web3 casino allows for instant withdrawals, access to daily promotions, and 24/7 live support for their 10,000+ offered games. Through the implementation of these technologies, players are able to enjoy an easy-to-access platform that is built with optimization, transparency, and entertainment at its core.

Coingames addresses the largest challenge facing the online casino industry today, which is conversion rate. As the only true Web3 casino, players do not need to deposit funds to play because the whole game session is handled through the smart contract, removing a major barrier to participation. This innovative approach has led to a 380% improvement in conversion rates and a 200% increase in customer Lifetime Value (LTV). 

Users enjoy shorter wait times for registration and deposit without the need for third parties that complicate and slow down processes at every turn. Players maintain full autonomy over their funds with no restrictions on when or how much they can withdraw using their non-custodial wallets. All transactions are completely transparent and recorded on the CoinGames framework built upon the Binance Chain, Polygon Chain, and soon on Solana and Ethereum. The implementation of these decentralized technologies and frameworks contributes to an unparalleled user experience that is both fully secure and streamlined.

“Launching CoinGames as the world’s first fully decentralized gambling platform marks a pivotal moment not just for us, but for the entire online gaming ecosystem,” said Edoardo Narduzzi, President of CoinGames and serial entrepreneur who has founded many successful ventures, including NETikos, TechEdge and Mashfrog Group. “By integrating blockchain and smartcontract technology, we are setting a new industry standard for transparency and user control. This is the future of gaming, secure, user-focused, and boundlessly exciting. We’re proud to lead this charge and invite players to experience the difference at CoinGames, where innovation meets entertainment.”

CoinGames is currently enjoyed by 20,000 users with ambitions to entertain 1,000,000 by year’s end. The platform has secured a specialized gambling license, which has allowed Coingames to operate its unique crypto-based gambling model within a regulated environment. This has been paramount to the maintaining of trust and security of the platform’s users and has provided a solid foundation upon which to build the future of decentralized online gaming.

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CoinGames is currently launching its CoinGames Token, initially available to private investors and subsequently to the public through pre-sale and public sale phases. Soon, their NFT collection will also be ready for direct purchase on Magic Eden.

About CoinGames

CoinGames is revolutionizing the iGaming industry by leveraging the latest in blockchain technology. Through innovation in Web3 development and adoption, CoinGames aims to transform the gaming sector, particularly focusing on environments rich in high-frequency microtransactions and developing blockchain solutions to facilitate the expansion of decentralized business operations.

For more information, users can visit CoinGames’ official website | Twitter | Discord | Blog

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