Composable Launches IBC on Solana as Restaking Hub of Picasso as an AVS


Composable Foundation, a base layer linking applications and chains across diverse ecosystems, has announced an exclusive move. The company has disclosed that it has launched the earliest link between the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol and Solana to offer exclusive cross-chain opportunities. The respective project permits the consumers to conduct cross-chain transfers.

Composable Introduces a Solana IBC Link to Connect Solana and Diverse Chains

In particular, they can execute such transfers between Solana as well as the rest of the IBC-enabled chains. They take into account Kusama, Ethereum, Polkadot, and Cosmos SDK app chains with a trust-minimized approach. The initiative provides convenience to leverage the cross-chain opportunities as well as generate the latest cross-chain use cases.

Solana operates as a significantly famous blockchain platform, mostly because of its several strengths including affordability and speed. At present, the Solana-based DeFi protocols possess a total value locked of up to $4.6 billion. This makes Solana a blockchain forum comprising the 4th-biggest TVL. In addition to this, Solana effectively occupies the 5th spot in terms of market capitalization.

The company has a market cap of more than approximately $80 billion. Such statistics signify the huge volume as well as the consumer base of Solana. To deal with the issues of Solana, Composable has released a Solana IBC link. This focuses on the provision of a relatively better-performing and secure bridging solution. It connects Solana with other prominent blockchain ecosystems.

The Development Offers Massive Liquidity, Cost-Effectiveness, and Speed Across Chains

An IBC connection facilitates Soalna by permitting exclusive cross-chain uses concerning the rest of the ecosystems. Apart from that, it also allows the consumers to matchlessly navigate the DeFi space across the chains. The developers and users will have the capability of exercising use cases across the chains while providing massive liquidity, cost-effectiveness, and speed.

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