Concerns Mount as ZKasino Users Encounter Withdrawal Issues


The recent events involving the crypto betting platform ZKasino have caused great concern among the cryptocurrency community. Firstly, the problem of the inability of the platform’s users to withdraw their funds has arisen. This has undermined confidence in the work of the crypto platform and its future work.

Funds Locked in ZKasino’s Wallet Deepen Worries

Banning the official ZKasino telegram channel leaves room for doubt among users. The most important problem that has arisen is the problem of users withdrawing funds. It should be said that the ZKasino platform does not provide information to users on the progress of work on problems.

The situation is aggravated by the large amount of funds locked in the deposit wallet of ZKasino. With more than 10,500 *ETH*, which is about 32 million U.S. dollars, users are justifiably worried about the safety of their assets. This large amount of money increases the speed and criticality of the need to urgently settle the situation with withdrawals and restore confidence in the administration of the project.

However, the affair took over the brink after an article was published in the authoritative media ZigZag, which in fact accused the ZKasino team of fraud. Such statements only increase distrust of the project and lead to an even greater demand for the openness and honesty of the administration of ZKasino.

MEXC Exchange Refuses to List ZKasino’s Native Token ZKAS

The ZKasino saga took a twist when the platform made modifications to its bridge interface on April 18. Notably, the platform edited one of the comments that guaranteed customers that Ethereum deposits will be returned and gambling customers will be able to bridge unlimited cash back. The development left a lot of tongues wagging about the credibility and integrity of the platform.

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Then MEXC, a top cryptocurrency exchange, also added a twist to the ZKasino script by stating that it would not list and withdraw ZKasino’s native token ZKAS due to the challenges faced by the platform.

Ultimately, ZKasino issues show the necessity for transparency, accountability, and trust in the world of cryptocurrencies. Without a doubt, users should be very rational and careful in interacting on such platforms, and platforms should try to provide a high level of financial and asset protection.

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