Cosmos Hub Approves Signaling Proposal 897: Introduces ICS 2.0


The Cosmos Hub has recently approved signaling proposal 897. It marks a significant milestone in the network’s evolution. This approval added a new security measure, ICS 2.0: Partial Set Security, to the Cosmos ecosystem in response to the need for improved validator flexibility and autonomy.

Top-n Chains Set High-Security Standard in Cosmos Ecosystem

Validators are free to join consumer chains in the recently approved system. They have forbidden from doing so in the past Replicated Security implementation. However, it is up to the validator to determine whether they want to run a chain based on its profitability and the network’s fitness.

Furthermore, validators may be allowed to utilize various commission rates per consumer chain. This empowers them to mitigate down their risk while still safeguarding the network’s long-term viability.

They can formulate white and blacklist parties and de-prioritize validators that will remain secure. Moreover, they can use power covering to restrain the ability of vendors. They will become generate an active set authentication based on equipment performance.

Another feature that ICS 2.0 brings is the top-n chains. They create a high-security bar for critic chains. They will follow the top “n” percent of Hub validators without inhibiting anyone’s ability to customize their criteria. The 95% top-n migration of existing chains, Neutron and Stride, will remain and come with ICS 2.0 features. The permissionless launch reduces the need for governance proposals to start running opt-in arms.

Cosmos Hub Set for Decentralized Security Boost with ICS 2.0 Vote

The proposal outcome will represent the community’s decision on innovation in the Cosmos ecosystem. A YES will see Partial Set Security incorporated into the Hub through an upgrade in the near future. This decision will mark another step in Cosmos’s path toward decentralized security and enhancing performance. On the other hand, a NO will call for ongoing discussions to determine other ways to include ICS 2.0.

Ultimately, ICS 2.0’s complying vote is a move that will add even more security and flexibility to the network. Allowing non-custodians to optimize performance and make validators more self-reliant is another power move for decentralized finance.

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