Court Authorizes Extradition of Terra Founder Do Kwon


A court in Montenegro has again authorized the extradition of the Terra founder. The court has reportedly announced the extradition order of Do Kwon. He allegedly played a significant role in the collapse of the crypto token Terra. This development takes place following the Supreme Court annulled the extradition decision to South Korea.

Court Gives Green Light to Extradite Terra’s Do Kwon

The respective order intends to begin the extradition procedure. After this, the attorney general reportedly possesses the conclusive key. He reportedly has made his status clear concerning the United States. This has elevated the probability of Kwon’s extradition to the US. Podgorica High Court of Montenegro released the extradition order on this month’s 10th.

As per the court, the legal requirements regarding extradition to the United States and South Korea have been met. The local news reports have disclosed that the Justice Minister will have the final say in this matter. Formerly, the Podgorica High Court had ordered the extradition back in November 2023. Then, the court said that the extradition requirements regarding the United States and South Korea had already been met.

The Podgorica High Court has restated the extradition review as the Supreme Court’s ruling has annulled the former decision about Terra’s CEO. The Supreme Court of Montenegro annulled the extradition decision after the request that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office made. The request focused on determining the legality thereof. Supreme Court discussed the situation where a couple of states get entangled over extradition.

Court Says The Decision for Extradition Falls in the Hands of the Minister of Justice

As per the court, the court takes the responsibility to decide if the extradition requirements regarding the accused are fulfilled. It says that the minister of jurisdiction has the authority to decide the extradition. Hence, the courts do not have the authority to decide this. It added that the power of the court is just to validate the fulfillment of the legal requirements. Subsequently, the Podgorica High Court reiterated the former process and granted Kwon’s extradition.

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It left the conclusive decision regarding the extradition on the shoulders of the Minister of Justice. Though the appeal procedure on the side of Kwon is even now pending, an observation says that the extradition to the US sees an increased probability. Kwon faces an imprisonment sentence of up to 4 months for utilizing a feigned passport.

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