Crypto Analyst Predicts 300% Surge for Cardano; Whale Accumulates 10,309 ETH, NuggetRush Airdrop Around the Corner

  • Ali Martinez has predicted a 300% surge for Cardano to $1.70.
  • The price of Ethereum pumps as a whale accumulates 10,309 ETH.
  • NuggetRush’s NUGX airdrop is less than two weeks from now.

Ali Martinez has forecasted a 300% surge for Cardano. The analyst expects the altcoin to hit $1.70 soon. Meanwhile, Ethereum has experienced a bullish trend after a whale accumulated 10,309 ETH. Additionally, the long-awaited NuggetRush NUGX airdrop is just two weeks away. Analysts have forecasted NUGX to be one of the most bullish altcoins in the coming weeks. 

NuggetRush (NUGX) Airdrop Just Days Away, Excitement Builds

NuggetRush (NUGX) is one of the best presale tokens to have entered the ICO market. Rising by 100%, the token outperformed most top altcoins and climbed to a peak of $0.020. Those who keyed into the project are currently awaiting the airdrop, which is less than two weeks from now. 

While the airdrop is on the way, smart investors are expanding their crypto portfolio, buying more NUGX tokens at $0.020. This is because, after the airdrop, NUGX will be set for its exchange listing. Analysts have predicted this listing and Bitcoin’s upcoming halving to spark a 100x surge for the altcoin. This makes it the best coin to invest in now. 


In addition to the 100x gains that investors stand to benefit from, NUGX comes in handy on NuggetRush’s upcoming mining game. The NUGX token is used to buy gaming tools and mining machines, upgrade characters, and buy popular NFTs. Moreover, the mining game is an avenue for NUGX holders to win more tokens. 

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By taking part in games and mining challenges, they can mine minerals and then sell them to get more NUGX tokens or even cash. With these listed features, the NUGX token is the best cryptocurrency for gamers and investors. Apart from the financial value it offers, it also gives its holders access to a mining game where they can mine minerals, sell, and get more NUGX tokens.

Cardano (ADA): Ali Martinez Forecasts Potential Surge To $1.70

Crypto analyst Ali Martinez commented on Cardano’s (ADA) recent price movement. The altcoin price has been consolidating between $0.55 and $0.80 in the past month. Talking about this consolidation, Martinez said this is a bullish precursor for a major upswing. 


The analyst predicted an upswing to $1.70, a 300% surge from its current price level. While the analyst’s prediction has brought hope to investors, many are still in doubt. Some argue that external factors could affect this uptrend in the long run.

Ethereum (ETH) Whale Goes on Buying Spree

According to the latest data from Etherscan, Lookonchain has reported a large whale transaction. The unknown whale bought 10,309 ETH despite the market dip and poor sentiment toward the Ethereum spot ETF. 

This is not the first purchase the whale has made this second. The first purchase occurred on April 8th. At that time, they bought 10,643 ETH. Meanwhile, Ethereum’s price has increased 8.4% in the past week. The token rose from a 7-day low of $3,239.92 to a high of $3,715.79. 



Ali Martinez is bullish about Cardano and whales have not given up on Ethereum. Meanwhile, NuggetRush’s upcoming airdrop has sparked excitement among investors who joined the just concluded crypto ICO. Those who missed out can still get the NUGX token at $0.020 and enjoy the utility it offers.

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